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MOLOMAX Pendular Mill

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MOLOMAX Pendular Mill

June 8, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

The MOLOMAX Pendular Mills are used to crush raw materials of various kinds, specific weight and humidity right up to average levels of hardness (clay, calcium carbonate, bentonite, chalk, dolomite etc.) with extremely high levels of production and exceptional quantities of fine material.

Thanks to the dual feeding system and the presence of specific internal plough-share distributors, loading in the crushing chamber is optimised with a level of performance that is much higher than similar kinds of mills.

Crushing is performed by large pendulum that, under the action of the centrifuge power, apply huge pressure to the track fitted in the base of the mill.

Once the material has been crushed it is transferred to the top of the mill by the air that is circulated by the fan or suction by a filter located at the bottom. The material is also classified by the separator configured at the bottom of the crushing process to be created.

Active handling of the feeding is combined with parameters identified in real time by different process sensors, therefore automatically guaranteeing the highest level of performance in time.

In case of very abrasive raw materials required for porcelain stoneware or once fired low water absorption tiles ,the Molomax oendualr mills are duly inner coated with Alubit.


In the MS-CYCLONE pendular type of mills, the solid-air separation process occurs in the cycle reduction collector. This is placed between the pendular mill and the fan, connected by a whole range of tubes: this system is also known as closed cycle.

This process is used in special conditions: for example in the presence of explosive materials or materials with an electrostatic charge. In the case of the presence of raw materials with a high percentage of humidity, this system may be integrated with a warm air generator.


In the MS-AIR type pendulars, the crushed material is extracted and collected by a process filter, that subsequently downloads it to the following stage of the engineering cycle. This kind of plant is also known as open cycle.

This technique allows for further optimisation of performance of the machine by increasing the final values of production, especially in the presence of fine particles previously pre-treated. In MS-AIR pendular type mills it is also possible to insert hot gases into air veins with excellent results in terms of heat yield.

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