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Molybdenum ore crushing process

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Molybdenum ore crushing process

July 9, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Crushing process commonly includes:

(1) Two stage crushing process include two type as two open and two closed circuit .Two open-circuit crusher crushing process products are used only in the simple small-scale pilot plant processing plant. First stage needs no pre-screening. In this case, when the mud and water in the ore in is high, for the normal production, small-scale concentrator can be applied. Small size concentrator deals with small underground mining ore. When the second stage uses larger impact crusher , one closed-circuit process can be adopted.

(2) The three stages of a closed-circuit crushing process, as a preparation for grinding operations, gains a wider range of applications. Either for the underground mining or open pit mining of the ore, as long as the ore is not high mud, it can be effectively used. Therefore, the size of the different concentrator can apply it. Three stages of open-crushing process, compared with the three stages of a closed-loop process get the coarse products from crush, but it can simplify device configuration adn save capital investment. Therefore, when the grinding particle requires different sizes using rod mill, and deal with ore containing muddy water and the higher terrain circumstances, you can use this process.

Some of the major crusher equipment include two 600×900 crusher, two 400×600 crusher; one 1750 crusher ,one 1650 crusher ,one 900 crusher and one 1650 Crusher which has hydraulic control system.

Start the machine.

First, start dusting clearing equipment, reducing the content of dust in the air.

Secondly, when you start 900- cone crusher , you should ensure the bearing lubrication system normal. And start the 900- cone crusher, the mining belt , the belt to first storage and shaker belt. Then start the lubrication system of 1750- cone crusher to ensure the lubrication system normal, and start the input andoutput belt of 1750- cone crusher. Verify that the device is operating normally then start the 1400×600 jaw crusher .

Finally, make sure equipment is operating normally then start the 600×900 jaw crusher, input belt and shaker belt of 400×600 jaw crusher on the hill. Start the belt between 1st and 2nd storage when the material arrived to 2nd storage to send material to the number 3 ball mill machine.

Stop the machine in reverse order.

First stop 600×900 jaw crusher on the hill and make sure there is no material on the belt of 1750-crushing machine. After stopping the cross-belt, you can stop 1 400×600 jaw crusher and belt between 2 and 1 storage, After this operation, stop 1750-breaker, the bearing lubrication system and the belt between 2nd and 3rd storage. Confirm no material on the all belts of 900 cone crusher, then stop the belt, 900 cone crusher cone crusher and its bearing lubrication system. At last, stop dust-clearing system.

Cone crusher and number 2 400×600 jaw crushers have the same kind of using process as a backup device to start and stop the machine.

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