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New development opportunity of coal crushing equipment in coal resources integration

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New development opportunity of coal crushing equipment in coal resources integration

April 5, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Resources integration, is a national subject, especially the coal resources integration, due to its involved in all aspects of people’s livelihood, but also attracted lots of attention every field personage gaze. From the current situation, the existing legal coal mine by taking on basis of two above coal field mergers and closed coal resources/reserves and other scattered at the corners blank resources/reserves merger, realize unified planning, promote the mine production, technology, security comprehensive capability, And the unreasonable layout and the rectification still does not meet the conditions for safe production of coal mine implementation closed integration method. To a great extent avoided the former coal mine production most prominent of security problems, meanwhile eliminate backward productivity, improve the coal total supply. Therefore, in the long run, coal resource integration is the trend of The Times.

Impact production equipment selection should first consideration is easy to operate, reliable operation, energy consumption and operation management cost is low equipment, the same homework equipment quantity machine more than three stage should be set aside. Meanwhile, equipment load coefficient, machined product size, gradation variation is also important selection factors. System sand production line equipment configuration basically based on customers’ in stone specifications and yield and stone USES to determine, world nation providing before-sale, middle-sale and after-sale all-around service, based on customers’ production scene to process of product configuration, strive for the customer do the most reasonable and the most economic production line.

NFLG can supply jaw crusher , impact crusher , making pressure-blasting machine, cone crusher , mobile crushing, hydraulic drive crawler mobile crushing, designed for domestic sand aggregate production enterprise design. World nation production system sand production line, usually by vibrating feeder , jaw crusher, direct impact crusher (manufacture), vibrating screen , pressure-blasting machine wash pressure-blasting machine, belt conveyor , concentration of electronic equipment composition.

Design production is commonly 50-500 tons/hour. World nation through many years development research, with the international advanced level will direct impact crusher (manufacture pressure-blasting machine) and other serial products matching company, the design gives full bearing sand production line, is the industry leader. Various materials more aggregate and making artificial sand homework, suitable for water and electricity, building material, highway, and urban construction industries of applications. According to different technical requirements of various types of equipment undertakes assorted, meet the customer’s different technological requirements.

Manufactured sand is produced at several sand making production lines. By reprocessing fine aggregates, sand producing plants are able to offer manufactured sand which has grading and shape characteristics that make an ideal (partial) substitute for alluvial sand. Manufactured sand can reduce water demand and improve set times in concrete. Tied in with NFLG expertise in concrete technology manufactured sand is an option all concrete consumers should consider.

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