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New innovations in portable crushing plant

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New innovations in portable crushing plant

April 3, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Innovation is at the core of Metso’s products & services and none of those are evolved if they don’t drive profitability for customers. Our new concept development in civil foundations for NW Series portable crushing plants has not only improved cost efficiencies but also resulted in faster erection of plants. The new concept brings to life, optimum utilization of resources with around 1/3rd reduction in commissioning time and the industry is already talking about it.

Innovation at its heart

As the infrastructure development in India shifted gears- the construction industry needed more than just good Quality Aggregates. The importance of demand for faster plant deliveries, scalability to higher capacities and mobile crushing solutions that offered minimum cost implications when relocated, became high. This changed the rules in delivery mechanism for equipment manufacturers and gave way to new innovations in aggregate processing.

Metso pioneered portable crushing solutions in India when mobility of crushing operations was at a nascent stage. NW Series Portables ushered a new era in mobile crushing solutions for contracting & construction industry. Built around the proven Nordberg & Barmac crushers and Bruno crushing process simulation technology, NW Series portable plants created a niche for itself that not only improved plant availability but also made the crushing operations cost effective.

Within no time NW series portable plants became an optimal investment option offering engineered solutions ranging from customized stand-alone unit to two, three and even four-stage complete plants. The compactness of portable crushing plant ensures excellent stability and reduced weight as they are fast & easy to displace between job sites with negligible residual losses. The invisible civil foundations being used now by Metso across India for NW series Portable crushing & screening plant.

Tough get tougher, when the going gets tough

Metso’s flagship product has seen many waves of innovations since inception bringing significant value additions & cost savings for our customers. In its new avatar NW series takes efficiencies to the next level. The challenge was to drive greater profitability for customers even as the going gets tougher in the industry. This new composition packs certain unique features that make it highly flexible and economical in nature. Its portable crushing redefined.

Reduced depth of civil foundation – With this new concept now, the depth of foundation will be 300mm below from the ground level as compared to the old concept of the depth of foundation being 600mm below the ground level. This reduction brings dual benefit of time and cost saving for our customers. With this concept civil work has been reduced to almost 33% requiring lesser resources. Now the upgraded NW Series portable plant can be moved from one crushing site to another with greater ease, which in turn reduces the set-up time from weeks to days. This will then substantially reduces the transportation cost of- off-site crushing materials. The mobility of NW Series portable plant brings forth a more flexible and cost effective operation that minimizes the complication of crushing and screening requirements in construction.

Smaller Insert plates – The Thickness of insert plates has been reduced to 12mm from 32mm / 25mm. This has significantly reduced the erection time & cost. In the old concept the insert plates were placed throughout the length and width of the foundation. Whereas now the size of the Insert plates has been reduced to 500mm x 500mm. They will now only be placed below the base plate of the crushing units & hoppers to provide support that reduces the weight of the entire plant and makes it more transportable. The set-up time of the plant can now be counted in days, not weeks.

Industry cheers the new avatar

With significant savings in end cost per ton of crushed aggregate the industry is all praises for the new innovation. The improved design has also delivered stronger reinforcement. The first plant of this kind was sold in September 2008 to Siddharth Infraprojects Pvt. Limited and has since then picked instant recognition across customers.

Says Mr. N K Palai, Regional Manager, Quarry Solutions, Larsen & Toubro Limited “We have been using Metso plants since quite some time and they have met our expectations in all respects. Earlier we use to construct a common raft for Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Crushers, Extra Hoppers and Surge Hoppers but this improved design has made the plant commissioning simple and less time consuming. This technique is quite user friendly. The split type civil foundations, reduction in RCC (Reinforced Cement Concrete) & insert plate thickness has reduced the cost of construction and increased the profit margins. A penny saved is a penny earned.We have experienced an approximately 30% of time saving in manufacturing civil foundations. To add it up there was also a cost saving of up to Rs. 8 to 10 Lakhs due to reduction of steel consumption in the plant (i.e. reduced thickness of insert plates). We are using this innovative plant for a road project from Rajkot – Jamnagar – Vadinar and we are extremely satisfied.”

Ms. Asha P. Kumar , Owner, Apkon Crushers says “ This new model is an innovation and is also a first of its kind in the industry. The basic premise is the faster commissioning of the plant, reduced civil foundation work and cost saving. Generally the civil construction of portable plants requires lots of time and money investment. But we were really impressed when the whole foundation (as per the drawing) was constructed in only 4 days excluding the retaining wall and cost us only Rs. 1 Lakh. Definitely, the quick errection & commencement of the plant with low cost civil foundations is commendable.”

Says Mr. M. Asif Khan, General Manager Projects, Robo Silicon Limited “Metso has ensured huge time and cost saving for its customers by introducing this new innovation in portable plants. We are using this new innovative technology at our Vizag plant. This new concept of reduced depth of civil foundations has made the errection process trouble-free and uncomplicated. Lesser thickness of insert plates has driven down the commissioning time and price of the plant consequently. Also, relocation of the plant will be much easier with these advantages.”

Sanjay Prasad, General Manager- Contracting Solutions Metso says “Engineering Customer Success is the purpose of our business and we’ll continue working towards that in our quest for excellence . Our recent innovation in civil foundations for portable plants is a small contribution in creating added value in our customer’s business life cycle.”

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