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Nordbak backing material

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Nordbak backing material

July 13, 2023 nflg 0 Comments


A 100% Solids Epoxy System. Nordbak Backing Material is the Easy, Safe and Positive way to back wear metal is all types of crushers and grinding mills.

Easy – because all you do is mix and pour. No special training or experience is required.
Safe – because Nordbak is non-flammable and requires no melting or special pouring equipment . It is mixed in its own container and poured at room temperature, 60 F to 80 F.

Positive – because Nordbak provides 100% backing from the moment of hardening it volumetric stability eliminates the formation of gaps between backing and liners or support structures in crushers and mills.

Save time and money – just mix and pour. Continuing research and development by Resin System Division chemist has resulted in a stronger Backing Material which combines the safety and durability of Nordbak with reduced viscosity and minimal filler setting. The result is easier mixing and handling characteristics and faster pouring. All designed to save your money.

Cut downtime. It fills even the smallest openings without leaving voids. The Backing Material has high compressive strength (13.500 psi) with a sufficient degree of flexibility for crusher or grinding mill use. Nordbak has been proved in thousands of applications throughout the world.


High Impact Backing was formulated for use in 7′ cone crushers. The High Impact formula provides higher impact strength than is required for normal applications. On the ASTM D-256-B Charpy Impact Test, High Impact Backing measures 1.55 ft. lbs./in. Backing Material, by comparison, measures 1.26 ft. lbs./in.

High Impact Backing exhibits excellent resilience while retaining high compression and tensile strengths. In all other respects (heat distortion temperature, ease of mixing and pouring) the High Impact formula is similar to Norbak Backing Material.

Norbak High Impact Backing has been used successfully on a number of installations where the Backing Material has broken up under severe conditions.

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