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Ore crushing, ore crushing production line equipment

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Ore crushing, ore crushing production line equipment

May 18, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

More and more people are now engaged in mineral processing industry, ore crushing is critical, what is the ore crushing it? The broken ore is to be processed chunks of ore or ore, by means of external forces to overcome the intermolecular forces within the broken, the mining process of shrinking the block size. In the beneficiation process, the ore is usually crushed into crushing (coarse stage) and grinding (fine stage) two stages.

In the concentrator, the broken ore is essential to sorting the materials before the job is the preparation phase. First, the concentrator is useful to deal with the vast majority of mineral ore and gangue minerals closely with students together, and often as well as fine grained disseminated. Only crushed them to fully dissociate in order to use the existing physical beneficiation methods are enriched. Secondly, all the physical beneficiation methods are limited by size, granularity is too coarse (useful minerals and gangue dissociation is not implemented) or size too small (too crushed to fine) are not effective separation. Each link in the concentrator, the ore crushing process is the most expensive is the cost of investment and production constitute the concentrator important part. Therefore, the basic task of the ore crushing operations for the sorting operation is selected to provide appropriate materials, quality of work crushing process to directly affect the mineral processing technology and economic indicators.

Metal processing plant in crushing the most common process is coarse, medium, fine plus three sections of the job screening process of closed-circuit crushing, but there are two broken open or closed process. Three sections of the first paragraph of the process that is broken crushing, the general jaw crusher or gyratory crusher ; the second paragraph that the broken, the use of standard cone crusher ; the third paragraph that is crushing, often short-head type cone crusher machine. Small amount of mineral processing plant for processing, the third stage can be used on the roll crusher. Sec broken in a closed process, the last more than a medium-sized cone crusher used in small processing plant or a crushing brittle materials, can be used crusher or a hammer crusher .

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