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Ore Crushing & Screening

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Ore Crushing & Screening

June 9, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Ore Crushing & Screening

In earlier mechanized opencast mines, processing involved was crushing to required size and separation of various products by dry screening. With the increasing emphasis on cleaner product, wet screening has come in vogue in place of dry screening. Small capacity crushers have now given place to large capacity crusher with improved reduction ratio. From jaw crushers , mine operations have switched over to gyratory and cone crushers where closely sized materials are required. Since steel plants are switching over to sinter, iron ore fines are now finding market and full recovery of these fines, classifiers, hydro cyclones and filters are increasingly used. For obtaining iron ore concentrates from low grade ore various processing routes of gravity separation, flotation and magnetic separations are in practice throughout the world and India too.

Ore Beneficiation

Currently the demand of high grade Iron ore is being met, basically by selective mining of high grade ore and / or by simple method of washing. The method of washing results in minimal quality up gradation and high loss of values in slime posing environmental problems.

The practice in other countries like Australia emphasise on optimum Fe up gradation and high recovery of concentrates using the state of art technologies. The technological improvements include introduction of Air – Pulsated jigs, spirals and slow speed classifiers, hydro cyclones, log washers, recuperates, floated density separators and wet high intensity magnetic separators and a wide range of process controls. This coupled with the computerised mine planning and blending through intermediate stockpiles and stackers, allows mining of low grade ores with 50 to 54% Fe content and yields iron ore lumps and fines with 64% Fe and recoveries as high as 90%. Iron Ore recovery from tailings using high gradient permanent magnetic separator is one of the major innovation now a days. It is developed by Eriez magnetic, LISA, termed as Ferrous Wheel Separator (FWS), is a matrix type separator employing permanent ferrite ceramic type magnetic to generate high magnetic field gradients capable of separating magnetic / Paramagnetic material from non – magnetic. Ferrous Wheel Separator (FWS) is used for beneficiation of ultra fine hematite and taconite ore samples drawn from around the world. These ultra fines are presently thrown away as tailings.

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