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Ore machinery – ore breakage and grinding process

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Ore machinery – ore breakage and grinding process

June 17, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

The basic purpose of ore breakage

The basic purpose of ore breakage is make ore, raw materials or fuel reaches a certain size requirement. In dressing, crushed ore purpose is:

(1) Supply Raymond milling machine, high-pressure suspended roller grinding machine, micro powder grinding machine, vertical milling machine (mill) and most reasonable feed size, or autogenous grinding, gravel mill for providing qualified grinding medium;

(2) Use the corresponding broken machines, such as jaw, impactor, cone crusher etc make coarse grained embedded cloth mineral preliminary monomer disintegrate, in order to macrolevel choose don’t methods, such as heavy medium chosen mineral, jig choose, the dry magnetic separation and washing, etc.;

(3) Make high grade of iron ore reaches a certain requirements, in order to direct the granularity of smelting, etc.

Different purposes require different particle size, so there are different types of crushed ore process. Broken section is the most basic crushed ore process units. Broken and different section number of different combination with a sieve crusher.they, they have different crushed ore process. Broken section is by screening assignments, and the screen product of crushing assignments.

Individual broken section can not including screening homework or also includes two screening homework.

Advance screening is entering the broken section in ore to sieve out in advance of grain of level, qualified can reduce the amount of ore into crusher, improve the production ability; crusher.they Also can prevent the rich ore have shattered. In handling contains moisture higher and powder grinding more ore, damp kuangfen will jam crusher, and the crushing cavity significantly reduced crusher production capacity. Using the advance screening of wet and fine away for crusher kuangfen, than the normal working conditions caused. Therefore, the application of advance screening fine particle in the ore mainly according to level (less than min crusher row of the width of the ore mouth the content of grain level) to decide. Fine grained higher level, the content of the advance screening favorable.

Advance screening thus gain two conclusions:

(1) advance screening in the broken section are necessary; Check the screening last only commonly adopted in a fractured section.

(2) broken section number for 2 ~ 3 period normally.

Common crushed ore process including:

(1) two paragraphs has two legs crushed ore process opening and two paragraphs a closed-circuit two types. Two segments break open the crushing product ore process income only in size thick, simple small concentrators or industrial enterprise adopt, the first paragraph don’t set screening in advance. In this case, when the crude ore containing mud and water for high, to make production can be carried out as normal, small concentrators also can use. Small concentrators processing underground mining granularity, and small undressed ore by the second paragraph compare big broken back crusher, can be made two paragraphs a closed-circuit crushing process.

(2) three sections of a closed-circuit crushed ore process, as grinding preparation homework, obtained the widespread application. Whether underground mining or open mining ores, as long as the crude ore contains mud is not high, can effectively adapt. Therefore, the scale of different concentrator can use. Three segments break open with three sections of a mining process, compared the homenork particle are coarse crushing product obtained, but it can simplify crushing workshop equipment configuration, save infrastructure investment. Therefore, when grinding of feed size requirement is lax and grinding period by the coarse grinding rod milling, and dealing with contains moisture higher shale ores and by topography restrictions under such circumstances, can use this process.

In treating of mud water higher ore, it away like three sections of a homenork that, easy to make screen and crushing cavity jam. Using three sections of the broken open add great grinding ore process, do not need complex closed-circuit screening and returning to the product transportation homework; And by rod milling feed size change influence is lesser, rows of granularity, can guarantee ore under section grinding homework operation stability; Meanwhile, production processes that produce less, so the dust can improve labor health conditions. When asked to grind mineral content granularity of thicker (re-election factory) or brittle (tungsten, tin handle), large proportion (lead) minerals, can use this process. Only very hard ore and handle the concentrator, super size crushing to reduce paragraphs than or increase total crushing ratio, just consider to use four part breakage process.

Take the ore washing work crushed ore process:

When the crude ore contains mud (-3 mm) amount more than 5-10 percent and moisture content is greater than 5 ~ 8%, fine-grained level will bond clouds, worsening the broken mine production conditions, such as process caused by crushing cavity and sieve crushers extension screen hole jams, generating equipment accident, storage and transportation equipment showing plugging and leakage phenomenon, serious when make production cannot. At this point, should increase in the broken mine ore washing facilities process. Increase ore washing facilities, not only can make full use of the equipment potential, makes regular production.

Improve the intensity of labor, but also able to enhance the recovery of valuable metals, expand the use of resource. Ore washing work is generally located before crushing, depending on size, water content and ore ore washing equipment structure factors and decide. Common ore washing equipment have ore washing sieve (lattice sieve, vibrating screen), and cylinder ore washing machine, two-tank ore washing machine etc. Cylinder After ore washing the net ore, some needs are broken, some can be used as a qualified grain grade. Wash out of mud, if grade close, it may be discarded tailings grade; If grade, then need to be close to run-of-mine ore grade to choose don’t.

For crushing function safety, normal production, first wash ore in lattice sieve, sieve product for crushing, screening product into the vibrating screen before you wash it. After the second screen ore washing of crushing, screening product into product into hierachial machine classification, desliming, grading return sand and finally broken product by dense amalgamative, grading overflow, dehydration, machine buffer of single fine mud grinding, the flotation. Dye; Low cost advantages.

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