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Orissa iron ore crushers demand dedicated supply

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Orissa iron ore crushers demand dedicated supply

May 21, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

The Hindu reported that iron ore crusher Owners Association took strong exceptions to Orissa government’s reported decision not to allow crushing operation within 40 kilometers distance from source of minerals.

Addressing a press conference, Mr Suresh Patanik chairman of IOCOW said that the crusher units were established as per the norms and entrepreneurs had taken huge loans from banks and other financial institutions to set up units. If operation was prohibited within 40 kilometers of sources, small scale industries would suffer loss.

Mr Patnaik said that under this circumstance, the operation of iron crusher industries should not be stopped.

Mr Pratap Kishore Das, a member of association, said that crusher units are not involved in smuggling of iron ore , rather they are supplying the raw materials to small industrial houses situated within the state.

He added that “The state government instead of harassing these crusher units should ensure consistent supply of ore at smaller price.”

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