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Pay attention to those matters when crusher in use

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Pay attention to those matters when crusher in use

May 14, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

This is of importance to operate properly crusher in use, which concerns the working life of the crusher parts and the crusher. The following is the do’s and don’ts.

1. The Operating Precautions of cone crusher

(1) the starting and the stopping of cone crusher

A. cone crusher should match the appropriate starting motor according to the model of crusher.

B. cone crusher should be sequentially started up and closed down.

C. when it starts, cone crusher inside should be empty. After the crusher remains stable, it is the time that feed in stuff. Feeding in stuff by equality and can’t operating by overload.

D. before stopping the crusher, feeding in stuff should be stopped. By now, the crusher can be stopped; when the all stuff in the crusher was to be discharged.

(2) Feeding stuff

A. the stuff that is prepared to put in crusher should comply with the technical requirements; the size of stuff must not exceed the prescribed scope. The Moisture content in related to the property, both the proportion must not more than 15%, so as not to block the machine’s mouth.

B. feeding the stuff equably, thus can increase the effect of crush and imporve the work contition.

(3) discharge

A. discharge opening should ensure clearance, in order to avoid causing the overloading accidents because of dischage difficultly.

B. the cone crusher should be inspected termly. If the size of stuff is not comply with the specified size, then should inspect the wear condition of the hammer, lining plate and the tension situation of V-belt. When those problems are found, worn parts are replaced and the tensile force of V-belt is adjusted.

2. The maintenance of crusher.

(1) when the crusher is normally operate, filling grease by regular(1-2 times)

(2) watch for the temperature of shafting bearing, when the temperature goes up or the temperature exceed the specified number, the crusher should be stopped timely. When the breakdown is cleared, then the crusher can continue to work.

(3) when crusher oporates, if there are abnormal vibration and noise, the equipment must be stopped to check. Just then crusher only can go on after clearing block.

(4)check the fastening parts regularly, screw the untight bolts timely.

(5)the sealed layer should be placed at fixed period, so as to ensure the sealed effect.

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