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Pebble crusher, pebble processing equipments

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Pebble crusher, pebble processing equipments

May 14, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Pebble crusher also named pebble stone crusher , pebble rock crusher is used common in gravel and pebble production lines in rock quarries. According to the pebble processing stages, we can supply stationary pebble crusher and mobile pebble crusher. In addtional to the working principle, pebble crushers can be divided into primary crusher, secondary crusher and third crusher equipment etc.

Pebble Introduction

Cobblestone gets its name from a goose’s appearance, pebbles as building materials, has a very long history, cobblestone formation, due to the river flow scouring, extrusion and friction. It was formed, the course of hundreds or even thousands of years of history.

From the chemical composition analysis, cobblestone main elements is silica, which is doped with a small amount of iron, manganese, copper and other elements. Cobblestone itself has many different colors, which benefited from the non-ferrous metal elements. For example, red pebbles are mostly iron element, while the blue pebble copper elements, is more.

Mineral processing of pebbles

Cobblestone beneficiation process includes: crushing, grinding, grading, screening and other steps, is broken pebbles on a preliminary processing, the use of crushing equipment large pebbles broken into small pieces, grinding is a cobblestone finely, the final grading and screening to be consistent with the requirements of the product. During the process, we all use jaw crusher , impact crusher , magnetic separator, belt conveyor , cone crusher , cone crusher, vibrating screen , magnetic separation machine etc.

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