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Pedestal Rockbreaker Booms for Crushing Equipment

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Pedestal Rockbreaker Booms for Crushing Equipment

April 29, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

TECMAN pedestal rockbreakers booms are designed to work over rock crushers . Their purpose is to destroy trapped, oversized or bridged material that stops the crusher’s operation.

TECMAN rockbreaker or rock crusher booms increase the productivity of the crushing plant while improving the safety of operators. The TECMAN boom clears efficiently the crusher where a dangerous human intervention was needed before its installation. With a TECMAN boom, there is no more downtime and no risk of injury.

Custom-made rockbreaker booms

TECMAN designs rockbreaker booms for any kind of crushing plant, including jaw crushers , impact crushers, mobile crushers , gyratory crushers and grizzly bars. Since every crusher is different, TECMAN customises each machine to perfectly fit with the crushing site. Every crusher can be equipped with a rockbreaker boom.

Durable and reliable rockbreaker booms

mining is tough. TECMAN rockbreaker booms are overdesigned and overweighted in order to be overused. At TECMAN we focus on making booms to solve the problems our customers have with their crusher being stopped frequently.

Since we manufacture many rockbreaker booms each year, we can sell our custom-made machines at a better price than off-the-shelves competitor’s equipment .

Turnkey crushing equipment

Each machine sold follows a rigorous process: site survey, custom engineering, factory full assembly and testing, delivery and commissioning by one of our supervisors. By choosing TECMAN our customers purchase a hassle-free turnkey solution.
European-made rockbreaker booms with worldwide service

TECMAN installs rockbreaker booms everywhere in the world. Based in France, TECMAN works with the most renowned companies in the aggregates and mining industry, including Lafarge, Cemex, Holcim, Bouygues, Vinci, RHT, Hanson, Tarmac, BHP Billiton, Agnico Eagle, Vale Inco, and more. Our wide, dedicated dealer network provides local and fast service over five continents.

Contact us for any project; our engineering team will be dispatched on site to survey the installation and offer you the best rockbreaker boom solution.

Hydraulic breakers and underground scalers, loaders and utility vehicles

TECMAN manufactures and sells the following mining equipment worldwide:

* Hydraulic breakers: excavator-mounted hydraulic breakers for demolition, quarries, road works and scaling jobs
* Underground scalers: underground mobile equipment designed to secure mine roofs
* Underground loaders: underground mobile equipment for the transportation of minerals
* Underground utility vehicles: underground mobile machine for refuelling or service platforms
* Custom-made machines for mining and process industry

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