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Pendulum Feeder Equipment for Sale

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Pendulum Feeder Equipment for Sale

July 2, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Pendulum feeder

Also known as a constant weight feeder or a smooth automatic feeder, a pendulum feeder is used as the feeding equipment for ball mill belt conveyor .

Pendulum Feeder Features:

1. Our pendulum feeder is of stable vibrating, reliable performance and long service life.
2. Its excitation force is fully adjustable. A user can change and control the flow of materials at will.
3. A vibrating motor is used as the exciting source, which is of low noise, low electricity consumption, good adjusting performance and causes no material splashing.
4. Our pendulum feeder has simple structure, reliable operation, convenient installation and adjustment, light weight, small volume and convenient maintenance. Its closed type structure can effectively prevent dust pollution.

Pendulum Feeder Technical Parameters:

Model and Specifications Size of discharging hole (mm) Swing times (time/min) Swing distance (mm) Feeding granularity (mm) Production (t/h) Size of discharge hole
W H Model Power (kw)
300×300 250 250 68 0-90 12 2-5 Y90L-4 1.5
400×400 350 300 47 0-170 30 3-8 Y100L1-4 2.2
600×600 550 400 45 0-220 50 7-12 Y100L2-4 3
750×750 600 450 35 50-200 65 10-18 Y112M-4 4

Instructions on Installation, Debugging, Usage and Maintenance

1. If the pendulum feeder is used for dosing and constant feeding, it should be horizontally installed to ensure even and stable feeding and prevent gravitational flows. If it is used for continuous feeding, it can be installed with a declination angle of 10°. If the feeding materials are sticky or of high moisture content, an installation angle of 15° is recommended.
2. This pendulum feeder should be horizontally installed with a travel clearance of 20mm. The suspension equipment should adopt flexible connection.
3. Before operation, all bolts should be firmly fastened, especially for the foundation bolts. After continuous working of 3 to 5 hours, bolts should be fastened again.
4. Under trial condition, two vibrating motors should rotate reversely.
5. During the feeding process, users should carry out regular check on the stability of amplitude, electricity and noise. The pendulum feeder should be stopped immediately if when abnormality happens.
6. Lubricating oil should be added into the motor bearing bimonthly. In the seasons with high temperatures, lubricating oil should be added once a month.

We are a professional pendulum feeder manufacturer located in Shanghai, China. Surrounded by convenient transportation facilities by land, sea and air, we are able to ship our crushing machines, mineral processing equipment, cement production line , rolling mill equipment, and fertilizer equipment at reduced costs.

In addition to pendulum feeder, we can also supply vibrating feeders, circular vibrating screens, belt conveyors, flotation machines, ball mills, and more mineral processing equipments. You are welcome to visit us in NFLG!

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