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Pre-crushing Equipment, pre-crusher machine for sale

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Pre-crushing Equipment, pre-crusher machine for sale

May 24, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Pre-crushing equipment

During cement production, most of the raw materials need to be pre-crushed, thus providing more convenience for the following cement production processes, like pre-homogenization, storing, dosing, grinding, drying and material conveying, etc. While choosing crushing equipment, we need to take many factors into consideration, for example, material properties and material granulation. Thus we are able to choose an optimum machine.

Our company has many years’ experience in manufacturing pre-crushing equipment. limestone crusher is one of our most popular pre-crushing equipment. Till now, our limestone crushers have been successfully used in many cement production lines. Staffed with experienced engineers, we are able to produce a complete set of pre-crushing equipment upon customers’ requirements. Additionally, we can also supply complete services, from the design of pre-crushing equipment, through custom manufacturing, to equipment installation. machinery testing and operator training are also provided.

Pre-crushing Equipment Advantages:

A crusher is a primary component of pre-crushing equipment. Its crushing chamber is able to receive and crushing block materials, but not compact materials. Thus pre-crushing equipment will not overload.

1. In calibration area, each block-material will be extruded, so as to obtain materials with required size. Its large processing capability and free passing of materials during extrusion interval times greatly improve working efficiency.

2. Due to its rational design, our pre-crushing equipment can ensure the smallest power consumption and lining plate wearing, under the condition that material granulation and processing amount is given.

3. Our pre-crushing equipment is designed with a spring safety system to provide overload protection, and this system is maintenance free.

The spring safety system consists of a support ring, an adjusting ring and several rows of coil springs. When uncrushed materials fall into the crusher, the adjusting ring will rise as a result of the spring safety system’s make-up compression. When the discharging hole restores to its original position, the adjusting ring will return to its initial position. After two or three times of extrusion, these materials will pass through the crusher.

4. Our pre-crushing equipment is designed with a hydraulic unloading system. Hydraulic unloading of large uncrushed materials helps ensure the shortest stopping time of our pre-crushing equipment. When the crusher is blocked by large uncrushed materials, a special hydraulic jack for support ring will rapidly and safely unload the blocked crusher.

NFLG is China-based pre-crushing equipment manufacturer and supplier. Since our foundation, we have made unremitting efforts to absorb internationally advanced technology and equipment. Through our years’ efforts, we can manufacture hammer crushers, double roller crushers, sand production lines and coal mills for different applications. These products are well accepted due to their reliable quality and stable performance. If you need our pre-crushing equipment, or any other kinds of mining and crushing machines, please don’t hesitate to contact us! Our large and medium-sized mining machinery, metallurgy equipment and building material equipment will be your best choice.


Pre Crusher is a economical unit designed for medium, hard & lumpy material for time saving operation & greater output. It will ideally reduce irregularly shaped lumps of soft to medium even slightly damp in nature, to smaller sized lumps by inward – opposite rotating cam shaft with replaceable cams crush the material on the Stotted grate.

Pre-Crushers are recommed to crush materials containing small percentage of lumps or agglomerates into uniform coarser material. Generally for lighter duties like mounting in- line with secondary grinding mill or de-agglomeration applications.

Pre – Crusher is not suitable for hard materials like wood, stones, metals, ores etc. Pre – Crusher is subjected to rigid Final inspection and actual Crushing tests at our Experimental Station before it is delivered to the Stores for despatch. Crushing Tests with your materials can also be carried out without obligation, to testing the suitability of the Crusher for your satisfaction.

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