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Processing of large concrete waste

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Processing of large concrete waste

April 4, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

A significant amount of construction of residential and industrial complex of Russia was built in the 60’s of last century. Reinforced concrete, which is the basic building blocks of these objects have already exhausted their resources. To date, a very topical issue of recycling and reuse of materials from the disassembly, both residential buildings and industrial facilities.

Reuse of concrete appears advisable because of the increased use of steel reinforcement and coarse aggregate.

Substandard and damaged concrete and concrete products, designs and products have served their sentences, obtained during the dismantling of buildings, waste building materials after processing are transformed into construction rubble of secondary origin in accordance with GOST 25137-82 and reinforcing steel.

NFLG is a professional crusher and mill manufacturer in China. We can supply jaw crusher , impact crusher , cone crusher , mobile crusher , hydraulic crusher etc.

The scope of secondary concrete rubble:

  • arrangement of gravel base under the floors and foundations of buildings;
  • under the asphalt pavement of all classes;
  • as coarse aggregate in concrete strength of 20MPa 5 …;
  • in the manufacture of concrete and concrete products;
  • for dumping of temporary roads;
  • for bank filling for all types of paving lanes;
  • when a bank filling parking lots and paved areas;
  • to replace the soil during backfilling;
  • under the foundation base;
  • in landscape architecture.

The complex is designed for processing substandard concrete products (slabs) and concrete waste into gravel with a fair removing fixtures for scrap.

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