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Raymond mill is received much attention from cement industry

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Raymond mill is received much attention from cement industry

June 12, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Raymond mill is received much attention from cement industry

R series Raymond mill is the latest product developped on the basis of the traditional mill, which is the up-to-date model in the world. It is widely used in the field of metalurgy, construction materials,chemcial industry, mine,ect.,for grinding mineral materials such as gypsum, talc, calcite, limestone , marble, potash feldspar, barite, dolomite, granite, kaolin, bentonite, medical stone,bauxite,iron oxide red, iron and so on to meet different demand of customers.

Kefid R series raymond mill has the features as follows: the complete machine is the vertical structure which engages small areas and has strong systematicness. It can be formed an independent production system from materials coarse grinding to milling and final packing,as a result of low production cost.

R series raymond mill mainframe gearing is adopted obturated gear box and pulley with smooth transmission and reliable operation. The main wearing parts are durable and the air flow system is a closed recirculation, make the air flows in the positive and negative pressure. After grinding, the powders are brought to separator for dressing, the powders which reach the requirement are brought to big cyclone collector by airflow for separating and then discharged through the pipeline. The airflow is imbibed to the blower through backwind tube. The substandard powders are threw to the ektexine, separated from the airflow. The coarse powder is falled into the grinding house for regrinding until they reach the requirement.

In addiction, R series raymond mill is low consumption and saves energy, its main parts are made by excellent cast and proximate matter with fine craftwork,guaranteed the durablity of the complete equipment . Compared to the other grinding machine, its screen through rate is as high as 99%, and it is the best choice to solve the concerns in the cement industry.

The following are the frequently asked questions of Raymond mill

Raymond mill commonly used as a milling machine equipment, is favored by fellow users, however, Raymond in normal operation, some of these Which will lead to inevitable problems, this time, most of us would choose to consult manufacturers to enable them to quickly determine and tell their own solutions. Today, we come under the careful analysis of the problems often encountered in Raymond, so that future problems do not have factories in it!

1, no flour or less flour production is low.

Reason: 1, lock device is not adjusted Mifengbuyan powder, resulting in powder suction back.

Remedy: Check and adjust the device lock seal powder was found to be leaking at the block.

Reason: 2, shovel blade can not afford to wear a large material.

Remedy: updated blade.

2, finished powder too thick, or too small.

Reason: 1, analysis of grading blade can not afford to wear a serious role.

Remedy: replace the fan blade and turn it into an appropriate air volume can be resolved too rough.

Reason: 2, fan flow inappropriate.

Remedy: too small and should increase the import of wind.

3, the main current rise, local temperature rise, fan current decline.

Reason: 1, feeding excessive powder duct is blocked, poor exhaust pipes, loop heat flow to the main current, local temperature rise, fan current decline.

Remedy: Reduce feeding quantity, clean air duct product powder. I opened a large duct valves, control humidity in the six per cent less material!

4, host a greater noise and vibration

Reason: 1, feeding quantity small or different host and transmission shaft, no gap between the two couplings, anchor bolts loose.

Remedy: Adjust to the quantity, coaxial alignment, adjust the gap between the two couplings.

Reason: 2, expected a hard impact, or that no material layer.

Remedy: reduce the feed size

Reason: 3, roller mill, Central lost a round deformed.

Remedy: replace the roller, grinding ring.

5, fan vibration

Reason: 1, blades or wear on the balance of accumulated powder.

Remedy: remove or replace the blade leaves accumulate powder.

Reason: 2, anchor bolts loose.

Remedy: Tighten the anchor bolts.

6, transmission and analysis of the sump heat.

Reason: 1, large oil thickness oil viscosity, screw pump oil can not get to the upper bearing to fight starvation.

Remedy: Check the oil grade and viscosity are consistent with the requirements. Check the direction of machine operation.

7, roller bearings are easily damaged device into the powder.

Reason: 1, off of oil, or seal damage.

Remedy: filling in time at the stipulated time.

Reason: 2, long-term lack of maintenance and cleaning.

Remedy: regular cleaning, replacement of oil seals.

The problem, as long as the operation of the process in Raymond Mill, always pay attention, you can very easily be avoided, especially the vulnerability of some, but to pay more attention to increase the service life.

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