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Rebel crusher and concrete recycling machine

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Rebel crusher and concrete recycling machine

March 30, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Rebel Crusher

The REBEL CRUSHER is a trackmounted remote controlled concrete recycling machine featuring a high output Deutz Diesel with over 175 BHP. Pressure sensitive hydraulics only use power when required. Weighing only 13 tons it can be easily moved from job to job. It has a jaw oppening of 22″ X 36″ and will handle the big stuff yet the jaw will close down to an inch giving a finished product. The primary scalping screener and side discharge conveyor help speed up the process by eliminating unwanted dirt from the jaw which eliminates clogging and speeds up the crushing process. The secondary screener on the extraction belt will define your finished product efficiently. A magnet will rid unwanted metals.

Simple, versatile & highly mobile REBEL has created a whole NEW category of concrete recycling machines.

Rebel Crusher FEATURES:

* Compact, Highly Mobile
* Lowest Feed Height
* Fits In An Ocean Container
* Huge Jaw Feed Opening ~ 27″ x 22″ x 36″
* Dirt Scalping screen
* Side Discharge Conveyor
* 2 Deck Sizing Screen
* Amazing Balance
* Climbs Steep Grades
* Wow Only 13 Tons
* Magnet

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