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Research and practice of superfine Raymond Mill

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Research and practice of superfine Raymond Mill

May 17, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Raymond mill is a non-metallic mineral industry is widely used as a grinding equipment and it has stable performance and wide range of application has the advantages of simple structure convenient operation for large processing capacity and a series of advantages, but it usually belong to the primary processing equipment product fineness in head between 100325 and class poor precision products containing large particles to limit its wider application in recent years to many domestic institutions of higher learning and scientific research units to traditional Raymond mill production line technological transformation are mainly concentrated in the wind feeding and grading systems make its product fineness increasing to 600800 by the majority of users of praise and attention.

Raymond Mill foreign development level

The Japan United States Germany and other manufacturers inspection in addition to a small amount is also used vintage models in ordinary powder processing apparent development on its principle and the improvement on the structure of the main configuration of the ultrafine classification closed system greatly broaden its application range such as the common vertical roller mill can usually produce directly below 1250 mesh ultra-fine powder if equipped with more fine superfine grading equipment can be isolated from 2500 mesh to the ultra-fine powder to meet the needs of different users because of its large capacity and low energy consumption and easy control high degree of automation and by compasses model manufacturers welcome but the equipment is expensive to maintain high demand in China has not gained popularity but from its mechanism with Raymond mill is very little difference can therefore believe that in the original Raymond mill equipment on dig latent transformation can greatly improve the performance of its equipment.

Raymond mill current use

Throughout most of Raymond mill production line process, there are four main links of feed grinding powder. The crushing and classification is the core part of the original equipment exists following questions:
(1 ) When into the grinding coarse materials feeding quantity is not optimal control at present, Raymond 4R 5R employ common jaw crusher bulk raw materials from the 200mm broken to 25 40mm into the mill due to coarse materials large roller material bouncing vibration caused by large noise low production efficiency feed using electromagnetic vibration feeder control system general with experience in order to avoid the pressure cavity plugging material is usually used to eating half full state influences the efficiency of powder.

(2 ) Raymond hosts in the roller and the grinding ring through the blade feeding continuous rolling mill to crush materials is the main link to hang in the plum frame roller suspending device during the rotation of the spindle of the centrifugal force generated under the action of pressure to the grinding ring in the friction force under the action of the pressure roller spinning motion to the grinding ring roller rotation formed on the raw material rolling process is the main mechanism of causing crushing.

(3 ) powder grading is the traditional Raymond mill is a bottleneck link, it usually adopts a similar fan analyzer which leaves less narrow, low speed, and outside the lines of uneven speed ash leakage caused by poor leakage link classification efficiency more larger granules.

Some domestic manufacturers use increased and leaf number, get double the structure and improve the speed of approach although carry higher grade fineness, but effect is not big, especially the products of large particle content is still very high classification accuracy with other wind system for wind quantity and wind pressure matching. Traditional Raymond blower for the production of 100325 heads of the following powder design is usually the wind wind pressure small, this also has the effect of classification effect.

(4 ) the traditional Raymond Mill powder collecting system is the use of cyclone dust collector to achieve, this single drum type cyclone dust collector is – 325 heads of the following powder design, for the fine powder powder collecting efficiency is very low, although some small cyclone powder increased two times, but ran empty fine powder quantity is more still, and the entire production line in the positive pressure operation, dust overflow environment pollution, poor working conditions, powder loss is severe

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