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Rock Crusher Types: jaw crusher, mobile crusher, cone crusher

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Rock Crusher Types: jaw crusher, mobile crusher, cone crusher

July 14, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Many products contain a variety of rocks or minerals. These materials may be mined from a quarry and sent through several stages of processing before finding their way into common industrial or household products. Most rocks are mined by being dug out of the ground in large pieces and then ground into smaller and smaller particles through a series of processes and machines. There are several varieties of rock crushing equipment available to mining and mineral processing facilities.

jaw crusher

Jaw crushers are large stationary crushers and are available in a variety of models. They are generally fairly simple in design, making them easy to maintain or repair. Many feature overload protection and are very simple to operate. They are capable of crushing rock into fine, even particles.

mobile crusher

A mobile crusher can be hooked to a heavy-duty work vehicle with a high towing capacity and transported between job sites. This makes them extremely versatile when used to excavate small amounts of rock or when permanent crushers cannot be efficiently installed. A high chassis and narrow body allow for optimal maneuverability.

Crusher Plant

The crusher plant is designed to function like a miniature portable quarry. Though larger than an average size mobile crusher, the crusher plant is portable, although not as easy to maneuver. The crusher plant features conveyors, a crusher, a feeder , belts and power installations.

cone crusher

A cone crusher is a stationary crusher. These crushers are hydraulic pressure crushers designed to crush a high ratio for high productivity. Cone crushers are ideal for secondary and fine crushing and have been utilized since the early 1980s. Cone crushers crush material between a moving cone and a fixed cone, where the moving cone comes into contact with the stationary cone to grind material. When the moving cone retracts, crushed material falls through a sifter and onto a moving conveyor .

rock crusher

A rock crusher is a stationary machine often used for primary crushing. Though a rock crusher can reduce large particles to much smaller ones (including gravel and rock dust), the particles produced in a primary crusher are usually irregular and have limited commercial applications.

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