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Rock crushers and crushing process

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Rock crushers and crushing process

April 24, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Crushing by Rock crushers can be defined as a mechanical operation where pressure is applied to rock in a manner that produces a mechanical failure, and a subsequent size reduction of material is brought about. There are essentially four methods of size reduction used in all commercial crushers: compression, impact, attrition, and shear.

The last two, although important factors in crushing action, are generally found in combination with compression and impact. Selecting the right crusher for the job will be the difference between good crusher performance with low maintenance and unsatisfactory crusher performance with high maintenance costs.

Some jobs have limiting factors which will dictate the type of crusher to be used; whether it will be compression type or an impact type crusher.

Some factors involved for proper crusher selection are: 1. Type of rock; 2. Capacity required; 3. Product satisfactions; 4. Power considerations; 5. Initial costs.

Granites, siliceous gravel, and other such abrasive rocks, including some limestone , are generally better handled by the compression type rather than the impact type crusher. Even with the advances in new wear resisting alloys for use in impact crushers, these crushers are still not recommended for the above mentioned rock.

In hard rock crushing where the major final product sizes are minus ½” to minus ¾”, a three stage crushing plant is usually considered. When finer sizes are required, a four stage plant is recommended. The following table shows the crusher types used together with the ranges of application.

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