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Roller Crusher,Roll Crusher,4 Roller Crusher

April 4, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

4PGG Four- roll Crusher
Shanghai NFLG machinery Co., Ltd. is a leading stone crushing machine and screening equipments manufacturer in China, provides stone crushing machine and screening equipments for various industries such as mining , building material, metallurgy, environmental protection, transportation, chemistry, energy and so on.
Main Technical Parameter [Four- roll Crusher]
Roller diameter: upper roll 1200mm
lower roll 1200mm
Roller length: upper roll 1000mm
lower roll 1000mm
Feeding size: ≤75mm (space between upper roll 10)
Feeding size: ≤100mm (space between upper roll 40)
Discharging size: 3~8mm
Roller speed: upper roll 83, lower roll 153 r/min
Crushing capacity: 35~55t/h
Power:upper roll:YD280S-8/4 40/55kw 740/1480r/min
lower roll:Y315S-6 75kw 980r/min
Applications & Suitable Range of Four- roll Crusher
4PGG1200×1000 four- roll crusher is mainly used to crush metallurgical coking coal, and also can crush big particle size material by adjusting the space of upper and lower roll. Its properties: compact structure, small occupation of land, large crushing ratio (18:1) and high production.

Operational Principle of Four- roll Crusher
Four- roll crusher is to crush material by two pairs of rollers which rotate in opposite direction and produce pressing and shearing force. When the material got into the upper crushing cavity, by the force of rotating roller, it is enforced to pass the two rollers to be pressed and cut by rollers, then, it begins to be crushed. Small grains after crushing is along the tangent direction of rollers, through two rollers of down cavity, and thrown out. Big sized grains which surpass the space will go on being crushed.
Main components and structural performance [Four- roll Crusher]
Four- roll crusher mainly consists of main frame, roll parts, driving parts, bumpers, hydraulic plants.
Rollers of four- roll crusher can be divided into active roller and driven roller. Upper and down rollers are both fixed firmly on main frame of machine.
Active rolls are fixed up while driven rolls are removable and its back part is equipped with hydraulic cylinder. Balanced crushing force and passing through of over hard material are both finished by hydraulic cylinder.
Rolling leather on rollers parts are moulded by alloy steel with heat processing to improve strength and hardness.
Bearing base of roll has connector and is connected to oil pot with screw cover. Lubricating condition must be checked regularly. All lubricating oil should depend on places and temperature, generally use calcium-based and calcium-sodium grease, the grease in bearing base should take up its volume of 50%, and change every 3-6 months.
Gear box of four- roll crusher adopts medium-load industrial gear lubricants N220 or N320(VG220,Mobil630 or VG320,Mobil632) . When peripheral speed of gear is high, or temperature is under 35°C, or lubricated by cycle oil, use N220; peripheral speed of gear is low, or temperature is between 35~50°C, use N320; Lubricants should be warm-up before start up when the temperature is lower than -5°C. Newly used gear box should be changed oil after 7-14 days, and afterwards, change once every 3-6 months according to usage.

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