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Roller Mills

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Roller Mills

April 8, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Roller Mills Description

There are two distinct type of roller mill. The first is a series of rollers which rotate around a central axis within a drum. The reduction takes place between the rollers and the drum. The second is where there are a series of fixed rollers and a rotating table. The milling takes place between the rollers and the table. This type of mill is used for dry grinding only and accepts only relatively soft minerals. Small machines can have a throughput of only a few tens of kg per hour whereas larger machines are capable of handling up to 40 or 50 tons per hour and occasionally more. Feed size varies according to the machine. The machines are often fitted with screens for closed-circuit grinding. Product size can be controlled by changing screens.

Types of roller mills

Barite roller mill, limestone roller mill, slate roller mill, coal roller mill, phosphate roller mill, miscellaneous chemicals roller mill etc.

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