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Sand equipment selection and sand making machine introduction

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Sand equipment selection and sand making machine introduction

June 20, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Sand equipment Selection Introduction

Usually we select sand equipment according to raw materials for sand making, the processing ability of the workshop, and the required sand quality. NFLG will design and offer the best suitable sand making production line for your sand plant in consideration of final product quality, operation ease, operation reliability, low energy consumption and low management costs.

Sand Equipment Selection Details
Primary crushing— jaw crusher and impact crusher

The primary sand crushing equipment selection depends on sand production scale, stone lithological characters and material input size. The primary crushing is an open production process. The current primary sand crushers are jaw crusher and impact crusher.

Jaw crusher can be applied in any kind of stone primary crushing. Jaw crusher is featured with simple structure, easy maintenance, stable performance, even final particles and high crushing ratio. So using jaw crusher as the primary crusher can save investment costs. However, it will increase the secondary crushing load due to its relatively lower processing capacity and lager output size compared to other crushers.

Impact crusher has advantages of high crushing ratio, good final product shape, and low investment. But it is only suitable for low and medium hardness stone crushing, such as limestone and granite. It can be used as secondary crushing equipment, greatly simplifying processing system and decrease investment costs.
Secondary crushing—impact crusher and cone crusher

Secondary crushing and tertiary crushing are usually close-circuit system. The common secondary crushers are impact crusher and cone crusher.

Compared to impact crusher, cone crusher has advantages of higher crushing ratio, larger discharge setting range. What’s more, cone crusher is suitable for stone materials of higher hardness than impact crusher.
Tertiary crushing— sand making machine (vertical shaft impact crusher)

At present, most sand making plant apply sand making machine (vertical shaft impact crusher) as the tertiary sand crusher. The NFLG sand making crusher features with high efficiency, low consumption, high capacity, cubic shaped final product, little noise and dust pollution, and simple installation and maintenance. NFLG has developed the new VIS5X series vertical shaft impact crusher based on the traditional sand making machine. The new one has won customer’s high praise for its optimized structure and higher processing capacity.

Screening sand equipment selection—sand screen

To meet customer’s requirement of sand fineness modulus and powder content, as well as simplify the sand making production process, NFLG recommend you sand screening equipment—vibrating sand screen. Only by using the sand crushers with sand screen can you greatly improve the sand production of different required size.

NFLG provides you with screening equipment of different models and specifications. We will recommend you the right one in accordance with your sand making plant scale and desired production capacity.

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