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Sand Screw equipment

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Sand Screw equipment

April 20, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Diamond equipment carries the Trio brand of Fine Material Sand Screws

The three functions of the Trio Sand Screw follow:

Dewatering Washing Classification

Water from the material that is conveyed up the inclined tub is allowed to drain to one side, rather than back through the flowing material. This provides for efficient conveyance of fine Aggregate material and for efficient water removal.

The tumbling and rolling action of the sand particles allows for the removal of any deleterious particles from the sandy material. The action of the material has the effect of breaking the moisture film of the sand particles, thus breaking the surface tension and allowing the excess moisture to drain from the material.

With adjustable overflow weirs, the Sand Screws enable operators to control the depth of the head and velocity of overflow waste water. The large overflow feed box allows for the retention of finer mesh materials or if necessary, for the removal of those particles.

As a user, you should consider four factors when sizing a fine material washer.

Tonnage, screen Analysis, Gallonage, Silt Content
With the appropriate combination of those variables, a suitable machine is available for your application.

Diamond Equipment’s line of Fine Material Washers is available in a variety of sizes. Following are the specifications for the above model:
conveyor Shaft Diameter: 24″
Tub Length: 22′
Capacity (TPH): 50
Maximum Material Size(inch): 3/8
Motor HP: 7 1/2
Operating Shaft Speed(RPM): 32
Machine Weight(lbs): 6100
Machine Weight(kgs): 2775

You can count on GreyStone Fine Material Dewatering Screws to help you turn material washing problems into profitable solutions and meet the specicification demands for multiple sand products.

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