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Sandvik Jaw Crushers

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Sandvik Jaw Crushers

April 21, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Jaw crushers Overview

At Sandvik we have over a century of experience of designing and manufacturing jaw crushers . We also have a wealth of knowledge about customers’ expectations and needs. This background has led to the current range of Sandvik jaw crushers which includes models specially suited for mobile applications. Strength has been increased and weight has been reduced. Sandvik’s jaw crushers provide an excellent choice when high production and low total cost are sought.

All Sandvik jaw crushers are of the single-toggle type with a deep, symmetrical crushing chamber and easy setting adjustment. Each model has a large feed opening for its size and an ideal nip angle, giving smooth material flow, high reduction efficiency and high capacity. Their simple design conceals many advanced features that give easy operation, simple maintenance, long life and a low cost per ton.

Sandvik jaw crusher robust construction

The Sandvik jaw crusher is a single toggle jaw crusher, characterized by attention to detail, in both design and manufacture. We have incorporated the best of the old and applied the benefits of the latest technology.

The frame consists of two side plates of rolled steel, plus hollow castings at front frame end and moving jaw which give a high rigidity/weight ratio. Large-radius transition areas reduce stress concentrations and welds are positioned in low-stress areas. The advantage of a welded frame is that it is equally strong in all directions and ensures excellent durability against shock-loads. Thus minimizing the risk of failure on the main-frame, as with a bolted construction. The picture shows an FEA print-out of the predicted stress distribution in a side plate.

Optimized performance of Sandvik jaw crusher

● High capacity
● High reduction
● Low jaw plate wear
● Large feed acceptance capability

These four factors are closely linked and the Sandvik jaw crusher provides a good balance. The design of the deep symmetrical crushing chamber maximizes feed size, capacity and reduction.

An optimized nip angle ensures that the material progresses smoothly down through the crushing chamber to enable high reduction, productivity and superb utilization of jaw plates. It is not just a large nominal feed opening that is necessary – the feed acceptance capability depends on a feed opening which is effective and active (see illustration).

All crushers in the range have an almost square feed opening so that they can accept the largest material lumps without blockages. A thick, replaceable deflector plate protects the top of the moving jaw from the impact of the feed material. Large material lumps entering the crusher fall straight into the active region of the crushing chamber, so there is no need for a stationary cross-wall in the feed area.

Performance in all types of application

Sandvik’s wear parts are designed to give high performance and low operating costs. High quality material and experienced design ensure quality parts. Fine tuning in applications are ensured through the available range of alternative jaw plate designs. All jaw plates are reversible. The “WT” jaw plate can also be used on both the stationary and moving jaw.

Maintenance friendly features

Thanks to carefully detailed design, Sandvik’s jaw crushers secure trouble-free operation and increased uptime.
● Bearings are grease-lubricated and have greasefilled labyrinth seals to prevent the entry of dust.
● Grease lubrication hoses as standard with a central distribution block offer safety value and makes it easier for the operator to grease the bearings.
● Automatic lubrication system that can be connected to existing control systems for remote alarm indication. This ensures the protection of the roller bearings.
● Setting adjustment made with traditional shim plates.
● Quick and easy installation of jaw plates by using clamping and support bars to fix the jaw plates to the crusher.
● Sacrificial parts to protect the main components of the crusher such as frame, swing jaw and bearings. This reduces total life-cycle costs and increases uptime, as it is less expensive to change the sacrificial parts than the main components.

Sandvik jaw Crusher and NFLG jaw Crusher

Jaw crusher is kind of primary crushing equipment . Sandvik Jaw crusher is divided into two kinds which include mobile jaw crusher and stationary jaw crusher. There are many models of Sandvik jaw crusher. For stationary Sandvik Jaw crusher, there are 11 models and for the mobile sandvik jaw crusher, there are 8 models of jaw crusher machines. The main difference between the mobile Sandvik jaw crusher and stationary Sandvik jaw crusher is that the mobile jaw crusher is kind of mid-range jaw crushers or heavy-range jaw crushers. The max. feeding size of mobile Sandvik jaw crusher is 970mm and the max. feeding size of stationary Sandvik jaw crusher is 1500 x 1300mm. The capacity of Sandvik jaw crusher is between 50 and 1160 t/h.

Compared with Sandvik jaw crusher, NFLG jaw crusher is of simple structure, easy maintenance and low cost. NFLG jaw crusher machine has be widely used in mining and construction, metallurgical industry, road and railway building, smelting, hydraulic and chemical industries, etc.

NFLG jaw crusher is also divided into two kinds that are ordinary jaw crusher and JC series jaw crusher. Among these, JC series jaw crusher is more advanced than ordinary jaw crusher. All these jaw crushers are of stationay crusher machines. There are also mobile jaw crushers of NFLG. However, its different with Sandvik mobile jaw crusher which is simply one equipment of jaw crusher while NFLG mobile jaw crusher is a set of mining equipments which include jaw crusher, vibrating feeder , vibrating screen and belt conveyor ,etc. There are 9 models of NFLG Jaw crusher. The biggest feeding size of NFLG Jaw crusher is 1020mm. The biggest capacity of NFLG jaw crusher is 400-1000t/h.

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