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Secondary cone crusher

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Secondary cone crusher

May 26, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

cone crusher

The Model SBX is a modern, high production secondary cone crusher specifically designed for large, extra coarse feed material. Available in three models, 44 SBX (300 HP), 52 SBX (400 HP) and 57 SBX (500 HP), the SBX cone serves the mining and aggregate industries with reliable high performance.

Fitting into secondary crushing circuits that used to require larger crushers , the SBX can reduce the capital requirements for plant expansion projects. Accepting extra coarse feed, the SBX allows primary crushers to operate at larger settings and at greater capacities, providing opportunities to increase plant production with minimum investment.

An evolution from the productive SBS cone crusher, the SBX incorporates new internal components that significantly increase the feed opening while maintaining optimum crushing equipment characteristics. The SBX also incorporates modern features identical to those in the SBS design.

Dynamic Adjustment allows fingertip setting control and a digital display to track the setting during adjustment. A patented relief and clearing system provides greater protection from overload conditions and a safe / quick start-up following a power failure.

The optional TRAC10TM automated control system plugs right into the SBX, enhancing crusher performance and reliability. The auto protect mode automatically creates an alarm and opens the crusher when overloading occurs. Setting
adjustment and liner calibration are enabled from the control house using a touch screen interface. Liner wear tracking helps plan maintenance. Alarm tracking and trending reports help with troubleshooting.

Sharing common design concepts and many components between the SBX and SBS allows the plant manager to be efficient with parts inventories, maintenance planning and employee training. Combining performance, reliability, ease of operation and outstanding Telsmith support, the SBX is the ideal choice for secondary crushing circuits.

Cone Crusher Anti-Spin System

In most installations an anti-spin system will deliver longer manganese life and promote a more cubical product. The Telsmith hydraulic anti-spin design is the most advanced available. Utilizing a small hydraulic motor, coupled to the main shaft, the head is only allowed to spin in the crushing direction. No regular maintenance is required and the hydraulic system automatically resets itself.

An advanced design, the hydraulic anti-spin also interfaces with automation systems to provide greater crusher protection and automatic setting calibration.


The SBX Dynamic Adjust™ system is designed to maximize plant efficiency. It enables adjustment under load and
remote computer automation. Adjusting the crusher is as simple as pushing a button.

The SBX hydraulic console includes a digital display to show the current setting. As you adjust the crusher, the display continually tracks the setting to provide you with exacting control.

The Dynamic Adjustment™ system also includes a high-speed extract mode (used when changing liners) that doubles the rotating speed of the support bowl. The result – faster crusher disassembly and cost savings.

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