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Selection of discharging mouth size in crushing equipments

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Selection of discharging mouth size in crushing equipments

June 16, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Though the adjustment of discharging mouth and crushing ratio in crushers , and improvement for screening equipment , we improved the processing performance of the crusher equipment and guaranteed that the production particle size meet your requirements. And what is more, we also put forward a more reasonable working system for the crushing work.

The production capacity is affected by the physical properties of the broken materials(ore hardness, humidity, density and particle composition etc), the crusher structure parameters and technological requirements (crushing ratio, open and closed-circuit work), load, and the uniformity of particle size. In actual production, under the condition of invariable ore physical properties and product size, the production capacity is related with the discharging mouth size, the crushing ratio and screening homework. By adjusting the data on the equipment, we can improve the production capacity and utilization.

Choose a proper discharging mouth size which is within the range of the suggested mouth dimension, all crusher can work normally. For all the crushers, of course there is a most perfect discharging size according to the characteristics of crushing materials, usually in the middle of the suggested width range. When the crusher is work with proper discharging mouth width, it can obtain higher crushing efficiency and a longer service life.

(1) The selection of jaw crusher discharging mouth size.Check the performance parameter table, we can learn that the adjusting range of jaw crusher (PE900 x 1200) is 100~200mm, and the best adjusting range is 150 ~ 180mm, in actual working condition ,we choose 160mm and this is the most efficient chioce.

(2) The selection of spring cone crusher discharging mouth size.Check performance parameter table,we can learned that the adjusting range of medium-sized spring cone crusher PYZ2200 is 10 ~ 30mm,in actual conditions,we choose 20mm, and its biggest feeding size is 230mm, absolutely meets the theory demands of crushing equipment.

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