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Sepro Mineral Systems – Mills, Scrubbers and Gravity Concentrators

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Sepro Mineral Systems – Mills, Scrubbers and Gravity Concentrators

June 19, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Sepro Systems is a specialist in the design and supply of equipment , systems and plants for gravity concentration, scrubbing, washing, screening, milling and the separation of ores, minerals and construction aggregates. Sepro has supplied equipment, systems and mineral processing technical assistance to clients in many parts of the world.

Small turnkey plant design

With a highly qualified engineering department and plant designers, Sepro can design small processing plants and deliver a comprehensive turnkey solution. All plant designs are modelled through sophisticated modelling software to yield the best processing solutions.

Gravity concentrators

Falcon Concentrators, a Sepro Systems product line , specialises in fine metal and mineral recovery, and has a comprehensive line of high G-force (up to 400G) centrifugal gravity separators that can process up to 400t/h. In addition, Falcon supplies:

Gravity concentration equipment

Metallurgical testing
Process consulting
Evaluative studies through equipment selection
Design, fabrication and commissioning

Falcon has a complete range of machines from small portable units for laboratory testing, through to units that are capable of treating over 400t per hour. Falcon has various product lines for variety of ultra-fine to coarse metal and mineral recovery.

The Falcon C-series has the following benefits:

Continuous stream of concentrate
Requires no fluidization water
Requires no feed interruptions

High-density precious metal particle recovery

The Falcon SB series recovers the highest density precious metal particles from a feed slurry to periodically produce a small higher-grade concentrate (up to 1% by mass). It is well suited to fine native metal (Au, Ag, Pt) recovery. The addition of process water enables these units to handle coarser feed streams.

Ultra fine mineral recovery

The Falcon UF series recovers ultra fine minerals, including tin/tantalum, silver, gold and PGMs to a high-grade concentrate. Operating at up to 600G, Falcon’s UF product range produces an intermittent stream of concentrate with a range of mass yields between 1% and 25%. No fluidization water is required.

Variable G-force recovery units

Falcon provides greater and variable G-force units, with larger bowl dimensions and surface area. Falcon recovery units are supplied with an industry-leading mechanical guarantee.

Heavy-duty ore scrubbers

Sepro provides a range of scrubbers to efficiently process precious and base metal ores, industrial minerals, aggregates, gravel and sand. Sepro’s scrubbers are heavy-duty machines with an intensive washing action.

With a simple rugged design and robust components, Sepro’s scrubbers give low capital and operating costs. The scrubbers suit many applications, including feeds with high-clay content and difficult ore and stone washing duties, as well as the following:

Processing wet tropical laterites prior to recovery of nickel and cobalt by leaching

Washing laterites to liberate fine precious metals for gravity recovery
Removing clay from hard rock ores prior to crushing
Washing crushed aggregate, gravel and sand to remove clay contamination
Removing gold “robbing” natural surface active graphite and other contaminates from gold ores
Processing bauxite ores for aluminium production
Cleaning contaminated soil and rubble

Grinding mills

Sepro’s tyre-driven grinding mills are a reliable, low-cost and solution with a short delivery time for small and medium capacity grinding applications in ore processing, industrial minerals and similar industries.

Sepro’s grinding mills are suitable for ball, rod and pebble charges and are available with overflow or grate discharge to suit specific applications. They are available with a total drive power of up to 300kW – 600kW, depending on the mill configuration and grinding media used.

Pilot scale mills are also available for pilot plant and laboratory use.

Agglomeration drums

Sepro’s agglomeration drums are specifically designed to prepare feeds with a high level of fine content on gold and base metal heap-loading operations.

The action in the agglomeration drum, combined with small additions of cement / lime, binds the fines into a “pelletised” product, which can be heaped and leached out without “pooling” and “channelling” caused by loss of heap permeability due to blinding by fines.
Heavy-duty vibrating screens for dewatering, desliming, scalping or wet / dry sizing

Sepro manufactures Sizetec vibrating screens under licence. Sizetec products can be used for a wide range of screening and sizing applications, and can meet various process requirements in dewatering, desliming, scalping or wet/dry sizing. They are designed for high efficiency processing of precious and base metal ores, industrial minerals, aggregates, gravel and sand, and are easily maintained.

Portable test units

Sepro operates pilot scale facilities, which can generate reliable data for scale up to commercial operation. Pilot scale machines are also supplied for a range of field test purposes.

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