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Shale crusher, double stage shale crusher

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Shale crusher, double stage shale crusher

April 10, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Shale crusher is industrial crushing equipment used widely in shale mining and processing plants for crushing stage. NFLG can supply you jaw crusher , cone crushers , impactor crushers used for shale processing plants as shale crusher. It belongs to a widely used stone crusher or rock crusher in mining industry and building construction materials processing plants.

Double stage shale crusher

Double stage crusher can be widely used in crushing coal gangue, shale, clay, slag, shale limestone , construction wastes, tailing ore and other materials. It is easy to crush high moisture materials.

The shale crusher processing process

Shale crusher is used for multi-stage crushing, in addition, when the rod mill and ball mill , the steel bars and steel balls in the form of consumption of the metal at a cost of 35% of the total cost of beneficiation.

In many cases, difficult to achieve milling grinding particle size 0.05 mm below the shale processing equipment in the ground very fine disseminated ore, in order to make the metal minerals and non-metallic mineral dissociation, must be ground to such a size.

When the self-mill, in a complete unit in the waves, crushing and grinding the ore to the size required for roughing. In this case, the crushing and grinding of materials between the crushing power of re-distribution, which simplifies the broken – concentrator equipment contact process, and a few no grinding of metal consumption.

However, the material ground faster than when using a low grinding media (based on ore hardness was reduced by approximately 33-50%). B. Fa Geer other erg and N. A Helin assertion, when the same energy, shale grinding method using a variety of equipment can get roughly the same quality of concentrate and tailings. According to their opinion, there is no evidence from the ground than the rod mill grinding with high selectivity.

Shale equipment grinding process introduction

Shale equipment for ore + 100 mm size grade of not less than 40%, mill can reliably and effectively work eye. When the ore + 1.50 mm size from 18% to 24%, the production capacity is increased to 10%; and from 20% to 40%, the production capacity is increased to 15%. At the same time, to improve the grinding part of the content and the mill for ore – limit size increased to + 300 ( 250) mm, will significantly reduce the mill native ability. Mill feed size was increased to 380 mm or more, leading to a cycle of load is increased, and the production capacity is reduced by 20 – 25%.

Shale crusher for grinding the critical particle size, the more common is to add steel ball mill. In this case, can guarantee the shale crusher working stability, improving the ability of production ( or grinding particle size reduction) and reduce power consumption. Shale equipment steel ball consumption on grinding indexes applied in other states of iron ore dry autogenous grinding method, and only in a period of grinding using gas falls mill. Dry grinding is the main advantages, even in the first paragraph can adopt centrifugal magnetic separation concentrate. At the same time, shale processing equipment by dries grinding method, because the amount of dust and substantially high evil than dressing plant labor conditions.

Double stage shale crusher advantages

First, it does not grate at the end of mesh, all kinds of wetlands can be crushed slag, that is, to remove from the water can also be crushed at any time, and there is no bond to plug the phenomenon.

Second, at the same time upper and lower levels of double smash, broken than large, the expected size of not more than 3mm, can meet the production standard bricks, hollow brick requirements. Third, double stage shale crusher features high output, low consumption.

Double stage shale crusher features

1) High quality and cheap price
2) Save work force and power
3) Easy maintain and operation
4) Stable performance
5) Firm structure.
6) Stable performance.
7) Large capacity

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