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Silica sand crushing machines,silica crusher and sand crusher

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Silica sand crushing machines,silica crusher and sand crusher

April 20, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Sand Crushing Introduction

Since the hydroelectric plant construction is very important, you should take consideration of the silica sand crushing machine quality including its performance reliability, technical advancement, and processing capacity. NFLG silica sand crushers are adapted to silica stone properties, sand producing process requirements about output and product quality. We provide you with different style of sand crushing machines for each production phase while paying attention to sand crushers’ adaptability.

jaw crusher for coarse silica sand crushing

Jaw crusher is a very common coarse silica sand crusher in most sand plants. NFLG silica sand jaw crusher is the best choice for sand processing plant of small or medium scale as a result of its advantages such as low operation costs, simple installation and operation, and reliable operation. NFLG silica sand jaw crusher can process raw materials whose compressive strength is under 320 Mpa. Its input size varies from 150 x 250 mm to 1200×1500 mm, and the output from 1 t/h to 1000 t/h.

NFLG JC jaw crusher — the latest style has become the most popular products in the world for its better processing capacity. Please contact our online service for more details.
impact crusher used as coarse silica sand crusher or medium silica sand crusher

Impact crusher can be used after jaw crusher for raw material further crushing, which can decrease crushing load of the following crushing phase and increase silica sand processing capacity.

NFLG silica sand impact crusher is widely applied in silica sand production line for its high reduction ratio and crushing efficiency, good final product shape, easy maintenance and reliable operation. It can process materials whose compressive strength is under 360 Mpa. PFW series of silica sand impact crusher of European version is our company’s new hot product. The three-crush crusher has got worldwide favor and been exported to more than 120 countries.

cone crusher for medium silica sand crushing

Silica sand cone crusher is your good choice for hard materials crushing. Cone crusher is divided into single cylinder cone crusher and multiple cylinder cone crusher. Both two kinds of cone crusher are featured with good shaped product, low powder content, reliable operation and high crushing ratio.

NFLG provides you with a large range of silica cone crushers to meet your sand plant requirements, such as PY series spring cone crusher, CS series spring cone crusher, and HCS cone crusher with high efficiency.
Vertical shaft crusher used as fine silica sand crusher and sand shaping machine

There are two kinds of silica sand crusher for common sand processing plant—vertical shaft crusher and roller crusher.

NFLG vertical shaft crusher ( sand making machine ) is widely used in sand plant for its high efficiency, low cost, reliable operation and good shaped product. projects who requires high quality manufactured sand like hydroelectric central construction adopts usually vertical shaft crusher as its main silica sand fine crusher, and controls the sand fineness and powder content with roller crusher. The NFLG vertical shaft crusher’s maximum feeding size ranges from 26 mm to 60 mm, and the processing capacity varies from 8 t/h to 360 t/h.

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