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Silicon carbide grinding machine, Emery processing process

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Silicon carbide grinding machine, Emery processing process

June 15, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Silicon carbide grinding machine is the mining equipment used for processing silicon carbide into small size for industrial use. According to the grinding materials, NFLG can supply you silicon ball mill , silicon Raymond mill , silicon carbide trapezium mill etc.

Emery or Silicaon Carbide Overview

Emery, SiC, also known as silicon carbide. Pure is a colorless crystals. Density of 3.06 ~ 3.20. The hardness is large, about 9.5 degrees is morse. The general is a colorless powder. After the ground, can be used as abrasive powder, preparation of polishing paper, but also can make the friction surface of the grinding wheel and whetstone. By the sand and the amount of carbon is put in the furnace to enhance thermal system.

Sand ink is carborundum crystal mineral inclusions in common, there are other olive sand, Mg-Al garnet sand, enstatite, sand, ilmenite, hematite, magnetite and other minerals.

Silicaon Carbide Application

Industrial abrasive stone for marble and other soft materials. Glass industrial glass edge grinding, television picture tube, optical apparatus, lens, prism, clock and watch glass. Metal industrial sandblasting, cleaning, grinding. Grinding offset printing industry, and light industry like plastic processing, leather, paper and other uses.

Silicon carbide grinding machine for sale

Silicon carbide grinding machine also named silicon carbide grinder mill is applied widely in silicon carbide processing plants and silicon carbide powder production lines. In the silicon carbide processing plants, jaw crusher is used as primary crushing equipment, and then we use grinding machine for next process. During the working process, vibrating feeder , screening machine, conveyors are the optional equipments for using.

Emery processing process

Hydrocyclone is the most effective fine grading equipment. Influence of hydrocyclone factors affecting hydrocyclone to many factors, has the structure of swirler itself in all aspects of factors, but also to the ore properties of external conditions such as factors, a comprehensive understanding of the impact of these factors, it is the correct choice and use of hydraulic cyclone required.

The inner diameter of hydrocyclone as to the mine pressure is constant, the cyclone D diameter increases with the amount of processing (to the mine mouth size also increases accordingly) and increase. But for the centrifugal force field, with the increase and decrease of the diameter of. If we want to keep the same centrifugal force field, must use more pressure. Whether from the device or from an economic point of view, by enhancing the pump pressure caused by the strong centrifugal force field and increase the processing capacity are not reasonable.

Micro particle(mud) is often used for small diameter hydrocyclone, to increase the centrifugal force field, strengthen the particle sedimentation process, in order to solve the problem of small diameter cyclone treatment volume small, generally take at the same time with several small cyclone in parallel to increase handling capacity. For coarse-grained classification process, the diameter of the cyclone. Some of China’s large concentrator using hydrocyclone diameter generally less than 500 ~ 600mm, a small number of occasions, diameter of 1000 ~ 1200mm.

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