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July 13, 2023 nflg 0 Comments


Castolin Eutectic is your resource for protection, wear and joining solutions. We believe in working with our customers to find the best answers to their problems. Expert in wear problems we can provide solutions for:
• Manufacture of new finished and semi-finished wear parts.
• Repair of broken parts
• Rebuilding of worn parts
• Protection against wear and corrosion
• Fusion technology

For protection against high-temperature corrosion, Castolin Eutectic typically recommends very high-chromium content nickel-based alloys, usually supplied in the form of a Eutalloy® powder and deposited by flame spraying. These alloys are then fused to increase the bond strength of the coating to the substrate to remove all «open» porosity. This creates a very dense, homogeneous coating which provides maximum resistance to corrosion. The discrete «closed» pores block any penetration of corrosion through to the substrate.

Compared with traditional jaw, conical or ball mill crushers , roller crushers provide up to 30 % energy savings, reduced working noise levels and 30 % to 100 % increased production output. Roller Presses crush various materials such as clinker, limestone , minerals, clays etc. by compression between two rollers but they are subject to high stress abrasion and wear. Consequently, the roller surface is often weld hardfaced to increase the lifetime. In France, a cement plant operating a Roller Press experienced 3-4 months roller lifetime using the traditional 4-6 layer weld overlay approach due to premature spalling of the brittle weld deposit (see photo).

New Castolin Eutectic Plasma Technology solution
Plasma Transferred Arc is a Modern Hybrid welding wearfacing process using powder and a plasma source. To improve the wear life, the extremely wear resistant tungsten carbides material in powder form was used in a special matrix, EuTroLoy PG 6503. Two layers of powder alloy resulting in a total uniform coating thickness of 6 mm (see photos) applied by a specialised Castolin Eutectic subcontractor.

Result : After 16 months, wear was limited to 1mm with no sign of spalling and the cost of the job was lower than the former solution. In addition, productivity savings were generated by the increased service life of the PTA and EuTroLoy protected press rollers.

We believe in making our extensive know-how fully available to our customers, but for situations where technology transfer is complex or requires a rapid turn-around, we have our own maintenance service workshops; CastoLabs.

These fully resourced skill centers develop advanced procedures for transfer to end-users. Castolin Eutectic CastoLabs are located in Germany, Belgium, Holland, Spain, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic and the United Kingdom, and are best contacted through Castolin Eutectic via our website ( www.castolin.com ). In countries without CastoLabs, Castolin Eutectic collaborates with approved workshops which are in close contact with Castolin Eutectic’s specialists and technologies.

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