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Steel slag processing equipment: crusher, steel slag mill

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Steel slag processing equipment: crusher, steel slag mill

April 21, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Steel slag is the residual impurity in the steel making process. In the common steelmaking process, it includes heat pouring method, plate splashing, slag water quenching and cooling method, air quenching method etc. In the steel slag processing industry, we need steel slag crusher for crushing and steel slag mill for grinding.

Steel Slag Processing at Llanwern Steel Works

Llanwern Steel Works, a Tarmac Western Ltd operation at Newport, South Wales has recently purchased a GIPO Combi RC MG 2400 FDR mobile combination VSI crusher and screen complete with a recirculation system.

Supplied by Aggregate, Processing and Recycling of Tamworth this is a completely new machine to the UK. The machine combines GIPO and Magotteaux technology and is involved in processing steel slag into single size aggregates.

Currently working alongside six other GIPO machines within Tarmac Western Ltd this mobile combination unit has a high specification which provides pre-screen and stockpiling facility for scalping; a feed conveyor provides material to the Magotteaux Mag 2400 Vertical Shaft Impactor which is driven by a variable speed hydraulic drive. A conveyor then feeds material to a two-deck, 5m x 2m final screen. An oversize return conveyor feeds any oversize material back to the crusher, middle and bottom sizes are both then conveyed to separate stockpiles.

The Magotteaux VSI accepts a large feed size that is not normally associated with a VSI crusher, the slag is fed through a carefully selected impeller table and anvil set-up to maximum single size production that can be obtained with a lower dust production than normal VSI machines. The unique combination of impeller, open rotor and ceramic wear parts allow very high reduction ratios and the best possible product shape with low wear costs.

The mobile combination RC MG 2400 unit has a substantial throughput of 350tph+ and is driven by a Caterpillar 430 kw C15 engine, and has a Rexroth variable speed drive to all components.

The main composition of steel slag

1. The charge of metal elements in the oxidized after the formation of oxides and sulfides;
2. The erosion of furnace lining and fettling material;
3. The charge of metal into the impurities such as sand;
4. For adjusting slag properties the slagging material such as limestone , iron ore , fluorite and so on.
Steel slag utilization scope, general in its chemical composition based on. Oxidation of high calcium content of steel slag for cement; calcium oxide, magnesium oxide and iron oxide with high content of steel slag in sintering and iron making production using phosphorus pentoxide; high steel can be the production of phosphate fertilizer.

Steel slag grinding equipment

Master pieces by magnetic lines, chain, monitoring system, a fully automated production, production more scientific and rational, more convenient operation, greatly improving labor productivity; production line and delivery system, installation of steel slag crushing the dust removal device, to take the whole closed operations, effectively reducing the dust emissions.

The entire production process from two jaw crusher , a fine cone crusher broken CS Simmons, five iron, five screening and other components to form a “three-breaking five-elected five screening” deep processing of steel slag granulation process, magnetic separation ability, good recovery of ferrite, ferrite content in tailings reduced by 17% or less, greatly improving the active ingredients of bean flour in the production of steel and steel.

Bean powder steel and steel melted down all the steel mills back to steel, steel slag change will further reduce the Laiwu steel smelting costs. Raw material crushing → drying → Pre-grinding option → screening → Wind → coarse magnetic iron powder

Steel slag crusher includes jaw crusher, impact crusher , cone crusher, mobile crushing machine etc. In the ore grinding process, the slag grinding machine includes ball mill , Raymond mill , vertical mill , jet mill etc.

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