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Stirring mill,Stirring equipment,Stirring machine

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Stirring mill,Stirring equipment,Stirring machine

May 20, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Stirring Mill Introduction

Stirring mill with a grinding container filled with milling pellets approximately 0.078 inch to 0.236 inch in size and equipped with a rapidly running stirring mechanism where a pump feeds in at one end the material to be ground and the ground material leaves the container at the other end by way of a separating arrangement that separates the grinding container from the discharge space and the milling pellets and the coarse components from the fine material, having a top portion connected with the grinding container that defines the discharge space and which has a material discharge duct the height and/or width of which is adjustable and a pressure head duct.

Applicable scope

1.Wet type fine grinding: regrinding the Kustelite, molybdenum ore, uranium mine, copper mine,lead-zinc mine; fine grinding or superfine grinding the Calcium carbonate, kleit, mica, talc, barite,oxidized iron oxide red, graphite, coal, ferrites, zirconium Englandgranulated substance, electrolysis manganese, manganese dioxide and water coal tar

2.Dry-type fine grinding: grinding the Calcium carbonate, mica, light-burnt magnesia, barite, slag, and other nonmetalliferousore, as well as industrial chemicals.

Technical Features

It is made of tube surface, the spiral stirrer, the transmission device and the rack. certain rubbing medium is filled in the tube, while the spiral stirrer revolves slowly, the rubbing medium and the material revolve as a whole in tube in vivo the multi-dimensionally and automatically, the material is effectively crushed with the acting forces like friction, extrusion ,rubbing medium weight pressure , and cutting together with impact forces.

1. Grind the material to 1 μm or even thinner

2. Compares with the horizontal-type ball mill , it can conserves energy 50%

3. The efficiency is above 10 times than horizontal ball mill

4. The granularity of product may adjust, intermittence, circulation, and in the situation of continuous production

5. Low noise, slightly vibrates

6. Simple structure, convenience operation and maintenance, the area are fewer than others

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