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Stone crusher applied in hard-rock crushing process

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Stone crusher applied in hard-rock crushing process

June 24, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Stone by crushing usually under several factors that determine:

1) crushing material type;

2) crushing material of hardness, water quantity, containing silicon;

3), broken into broken system before the average granularity material;

4) finished products, as well as each particle size range, the proportion of finished product usage requirements;

5) hours yield;

Basalt, fai green rock, granite and limestone , high hardness HeLuanShi etc, and belong to the stone in the actual silicon content is higher, crushing assignments belong to a difficult and broken, or broken high cost materials. Popular speak, basalt, and fai green rock is hard and toughening materials, granite is hard and brittle materials, relatively low HeLuanShi hardness some, but the highest silicon content. Therefore, the crushing process of these materials to design reasonable, in considering broken projects investment costs at the same time, must consider the cost of production line .

In the actual crushing assignments, for the processing of raw materials limestone jaws broken jaw plate, a pair of very low losses the service life of the jaw plate are common to the phenomenon of a year. This is because the limestone is very low (not hardness grades 4 and 5), and stone of silicon content is very low, wear parts of crushers the abrasive is very low.

Raw material is basalt, granite broken assignments, jaw plate, plate hammer, counterattack plate etc the loss of wear parts is high. Customers’ production cost is more than limestone cost of production. Therefore, Shanghai world nation on the design of crushing process, the selection of laminated principle as possible, in order to reduce the crushing equipment wear-resistant parts consumption. The typical laminated equipment configuration is two-stage jaw broken or jaw broken add cone broken process configuration. If customers on the final stone grain type have higher requirements, Shanghai world nation can again configuration a counterattack break for integer broken, thus formed the three sections of broken process configuration. Three sections of crushing inevitably leads to investment projects with high cost, but for long-term operation ShiLiaoChang, three sections of the reduced production cost is broken is very significant.

The above hard broken material, also can use jaw broken add counterattack broken two levels of crushing process. But this will inevitably lead to counterattack broken plate hammer loss is high, plate hammer short lifetime, the material ratio higher problems, which is worth manufacturer and customer problems needing attention.

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