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Stone crusher running and installation

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Stone crusher running and installation

April 2, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Taking into consideration the overriding principle of protection of ecology and environment, to ensure that not a single stone crushing unit in the State causes any Pollution of any type and in consonance with the “River/Stream Bed mining Policy Guidelines for the State of Himachal Pradesh-2004” as notified on 28-2-2004, the State Government hereby makes following Policy Guidelines for control of location, installation, workings of stone crushers and their registration thereof.

Mining Lease mandatory for running a stone crusher

In order to ensure legal and regular supply of minor minerals, every owner of stone crusher, shall have a valid mining lease for this purpose. 1.2 In respect of River/Stream Bed Mining leases over larger area of ten hectare or above shall be given priority for setting up of stone crushers.

• For Hill Slope mining, lease area shall depend upon the size of crusher, availability of mineral and annual requirement of mineral in relation to scientific mining. In any case, the area shall not be less than 15 Bighas.

• If the area is less than 15 Bighas and in no case less than 5 Bighas, the period of lease shall be determined, based on reserves calculated and annual requirement as per the proposals given in the Working-cum-Environmental Management Plan, which every lease holder shall have to prepare.

Provisional Registration of stone crusher

1. No person shall install or run any stone crusher in any area within the State of Himachal Pradesh unless he obtains a Provisional Registration from the Geological Wing, Department of Industries. For this an application in Form”A” shall be submitted and it shall be accompanied by:

(a) A fee of Rs. 2500/- (Two thousand and five hundred )only.
(b) Revenue record and site plan of the land on which the stone crusher is proposed to be installed, showing the location of the stone crusher with reference to various siting parameters as notified by Govt. on dated 29-4-03. or amended from time to time. (A stone crusher should have a minimum working area ranging from 2-5 Bighas, depending upon the size of the stone crusher for raising machinery / plant and stacking of raw material/finished product in private land or in Govt. land after completing codel formalities and obtaining land lease from the competent authority.)
(c) In case of private land, consent of land owner where the stone crusher is to be installed.
(d) An application for mining lease from where the minor mineral shall be used as raw material for feeding/running the stone crusher. This area should be within 5 Kms. radius of the stone crusher.

2. Based on these documents ‘Provisional Registration’ shall be issued by the Geological Wing, Department of Industries which shall form base for obtaining pre-production clearance from other Government Departments.

3. After provisional registration and Joint Inspection, the consent to Establish from the Himachal Pradesh State Environment Protection & Pollution Control Board (HPEP & PCB) should be obtained. The unit shall submit the Working-cum-Environment Management Plan before the issuance of Consent to Operate (COP) by the State Board.

4. Himachal Pradesh State Electricity Board shall give electric connection to the crusher owner only after obtaining Provisional Registration from the Geological Wing.

5. Already established stone crusher shall registered themselves within a period of 3 months from the date of issuance of these Policy Guidelines and for this registration they have to produce consent issued by Himachal Pradesh Environment Protection & Pollution Control Board.

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