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Stone grinding machine produces slag used for cement and concrete industry

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Stone grinding machine produces slag used for cement and concrete industry

June 28, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

According to the usual statistics show that our country every smelting 1 ton pig iron, produce slag quantity about 0.4 or so tons. According to our country has been increasing of pig-iron would be calculated in recent years of slag output is also in year by year. Along with the national steel capacity surplus and restrictions, expected slag annual stable for a few years in 2 million tons. In recent years, with the quality of mineral resources shortage, every tons of gradually yield of pig iron slag also is increasing year by year. Every tons of pig iron slag quantity produced, general scope in 0.4 tons ~ 0.9 tons between. According to the research results, and estimation of 2008 ~ 2009, China produced approximately 2 of slag million tons. There are about 150 million tons, namely, more than 80% of the slag in cement industry.

World nation create large grinding machining slag cement plant, used in various large variety of mill, according to the actual demand select the best scheme. World nation mill passed the European CE certification, which can directly into the eu market. TGM series large overpressure trapezoid grinding machine adopts trapezoid device, delay materials falling speed milling time, production, increase greatly enhanced, and adopting new damping connection, reducing noise and avoid resonance, prolong life and fully meet the environmental requirements. Overpressure ladder-shaped powder maxhine have TGM100, TGM130, TGM190; TGM160, Overpressure trapezoid grinding machine is world nation r&d center with China’s national conditions and market needs, launched a new patent product of mill, has “the grinding machine is known as the king of small ball mill , but also old products.

Slag past main (about 80%) used in cement plant, and clinker grinding together to produce slag cement and ordinary Portland cement. However, because the slag is harder and difficult to grind, and clinker grinding can’t play together with its good performance. Therefore, in recent years the slag and clinker grinding process begins popularity respectively. Meanwhile, concrete mixing station began to use large fine slag cement grinding instead. Steel slag processing plants, he began construction production grinding fine slag facing market sales. Some cement plant also begin to buy grinding fine slag as mixed material production blending cement. Therefore, the application of slag cement plant to start from the concrete mixing station, it is partly applied to dry mixed mortar industry, is becoming one kind of independent commodity in market circulation, for this country specifically formulated for grinding fine slag standards.

In 2008, our country output about 2 million tons of slag, except that there is 78.8% (15750 tons) used in the production of slag and ordinary Portland cement besides, still a year-much tons respectively applied for concrete (20.5%), 41 million tons, slag brick (100 tons, 0.5%) and roadbed (50 million tons, build 0.25%). Overpressure trapezoid mill r&d success for the vast number of users at home and abroad provides a latest, high efficiency, energy-saving high fine milling equipment , the machine adopts the trapezoid face, flexible connection, grinding roll linkage pressurization five other mill patent technology, pioneered the overpressure trapezoid mill world top level.

At present our country of slag has already got 100% using, most (99.3%) slag cement and concrete are used in the production. Therefore, slag has become the important resources construction industry, the country is also so cancel exemption policy of encouraging application. World nation after 20 years of development has dominated domestic high-end mill mining machinery advantage market, we fully implement the scientific outlook on development, increase of reform, the speed up development speed and improving self-directed innovation capability, vigorously promote innovation in economy, environmental protection enterprise construction and promote sustainable development and realize saving, environmental protection economy era.

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