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Stone Mining Crusher in Mongolia

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Stone Mining Crusher in Mongolia

April 19, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Mongolia is a landlocked country and it’s located in the north of Mongolian Plateau (Average elevation 1600 meters).
In the west and north, it’s mountainous region which comprise Altai Mountains, Khangai Range, Tangnu Urals, the East Sayan Ridge, Gobi Altai Mountains, Kent mountains.

The main peaks of the mountain ranges are generally more than 3,000 meters above sea level. Mountain graben formed the water system, lakes and basins between mountains. Selenge River and Orkhon River and its tributaries are the main rivers in Mongolia. South-east is plateau which is relatively flat. There are lots of low hills and shallow basins there, and the surface is mainly coarse sand, gravel, “Gobi. ” Gobi region share about 1/3 of the country’s total areas.

The discoverd mineral reserves are more than 80 kinds, such as copper, molybdenum, gold, silver, uranium, lead ,zinc, rare earth, iron, fluorite, phosphate, coal, oil etc. Among them, the coal minerals reserves are about 50 to 152 billions tons, iron ores 2 billion tons, phosphate 200 million tons and fluorite more than 8 million tons. And other minerals and ores are abundant too. The copper and molybdenum minerals in Erdenet are one of the ten biggest copper and molybdenum minerals in the world, rank first in Asia. Since 1995, the Mongolian gold mining industry has become the fastest growing industry.

Though the mineral reserves in Mongolia are very plentful, the mining and processing industry is underdeveloped. And mining is one of the key industry in Mongolia. Mining industry is various. Extracting minerals for industry, quarrying stones and rocks for construction are all mining. The transport in Mongolia are mainly railyway and highway.

Shanghai NFLG mining and construction machinery company is one of the best mining machienry manufacturers and exporters in the world. These years, Mongolia has been one of the our biggest clients. We produce kinds of crusher and grinders and export to Mongolia. The crushing and mining tools are extensively applied in mining and construction of highway and railway. Highway is very important to Mongolia and the crushing plants can help with the highway constrution. The stone crushing plant and sand making plant is for construction aggregate, sand, and gravel. These aggregates are important building material.

Among the minerals crushing plant, copper crushing plant, and gold crushing plant are very popular in Mongolia. The coal crushing plant produce the mainly energy resource of Mongolia. And iron crushing plants, fluorite crushing plants, rare earth grinding plants have made a significant achivement for the industry and export departments. Ulan Bator is the captain of Mongolia, the industrial, political, economic and cultural center. It’s industry leads the one of the country, and NFLG grinding mills such as ball mill , roller mill, do help a lot.

These years, the tradement between NFLG and Mongolia develop steadily. Now days, the volume of trade can reach 1 million dollars. With the development of society, we will help with building a developed Mongolia. The best quality, the best service for you.

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