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Tantalite crusher: mobile and stationary crusher, Tantalum mining industry

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Tantalite crusher: mobile and stationary crusher, Tantalum mining industry

May 31, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Tantalite crusher also named tantalum ore crusher is a type of widely used mining equipment in tantalum mining industry or tantalite crushing plants. It takes an important role in modern ore processing industry with stationary crushing and mobile crushing solution.

Tantalum and niobium iron ore mineral

Tantalum and niobium iron ore mineral in granite and associated pegmatites, wolframite, cassiterite, with fine spar symbiosis. Tantalum is anti-acid corrosion of metal, used for chemical equipment, surgical operation of the group of bone fixing piece and a needle, used in electron tube and tool steel.

Tantalum Physical properties

Tantalum is dark (blue-gray), dense, ductile, very hard, easily fabricated, and highly conductive of heat and electricity. The metal is renowned for its resistance to corrosion by acids; in fact, at temperatures below 150 °C tantalum is almost completely immune to attack by the normally aggressive aqua regia. It can be dissolved with hydrofluoric acid or acidic solutions containing the fluoride ion and sulfur trioxide, as well as with a solution of potassium hydroxide. Tantalum’s high melting point of 3017 °C (boiling point 5458 °C) is exceeded only by tungsten, rhenium and osmium for metals, and carbon.

Tantalite stationary crusher

Tantalite stationary crusher mainly includes jaw crusher , cone crusher , impact crusher or impactors, hammer crusher , gyratory crusher , etc. Tantalite jaw crusher is used as primary crushing equipment for first processing in ore mineral mining industry. Cone crusher or gyratory crushers are used as secondary crusher in the whole tantalite ore processing plants in quarries.

Tantalum Mining Industry

The primary mining of tantalum is in Australia, where the largest producer, Global Advanced Metals, formerly known as Talison Minerals, operates two mines in Western Australia, Greenbushes in the Southwest and Wodgina in the Pilbara region.

The Wodgina mine was reopened in January 2011 after mining at the site was suspended in late-2008 due to the global financial crisis. This mine produces a primary tantalum concentrate which is further upgraded at the Greenbushes operation before being sold to customers. Whereas the large-scale producers of niobium are in Brazil and Canada, the ore there also yields a small percentage of tantalum.

Some other countries such as China, Ethiopia, and Mozambique mine ores with a higher percentage of tantalum, and they produce a significant percentage of the world’s output of it. Tantalum is also produced in Thailand and Malaysia as a by-product of the tin mining there. During gravitational separation of the ores from placer deposits, not only is Cassiterite (SnO2) found, but a small percentage of tantalite also included.

The slag from the tin smelters then contains economically useful amounts of tantalum, which is leached from the slag.Future sources of supply of tantalum, in order of estimated size, are being explored in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Greenland, China, Mozambique, Canada, Australia, the United States, Finland, and Brazil.

Tantalite mobile crusher for sale

NFLG is a professional manufacturer of tantalite crushing equipment. It supplies all kinds crushing machines and design tantalite crushing production line according to the requirements of customers. Our tantalite crushing machines have exported to South Africa, USA, Australia, Russia, Canada, Egypt, UZ, Nubia, Peru, Indonesia, Brazil, Papua New Guinea, Ghana, Mexico, Philippines, Zimbabwe, Mali, Kyrghyzstan, Argentina, Guinea, KZ, etc.

Tantalite mobile crusher also named portable crusher is applied widely in crushing plants, compared with stationary crusher equipment; mobile crushing station features many advantages in modern crushing industry. NFLG is a professional crusher manufacturer of tantalite ore mining industry, which can supply you tantalite jaw mobile crusher, cone mobile tantalite crusher, impact mobile tantalite crusher, crawler type mobile tantalite crusher etc.

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