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Telsmith impact crushers,PA6060 Primary impact crusher

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Telsmith impact crushers,PA6060 Primary impact crusher

July 16, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Impact crushers

Telsmith manufactures a complete line of impact crushers including Andreas and New Holland styles. These versatile machines are available for primary and secondary crushing of stone as well as recycled concrete and asphalt products (RAP).

NH Models (NH4246, NH4856, NH6071) are high performance New Holland style Primary Impact crushers. Equipped with a solid rotor and large volume impact chamber, these designs are well suited for high production crushing of softer, low abrasion materials.

PA Model (PA6060) is an Andreas style primary impact crusher with a massive rotor and hydraulic apron adjustment. Reliability and ease of maintenance set the standard for crushing low abrasion quarried stone or recycled concrete.

HS Models (HS2421, HS2430, HS3036, HS4230, HS5252, HS5263) are Andreas style impact crushers designed for secondary crushing. Efficient open style rotors and heavy gravity-hung aprons deliver consistent performance when crushing aggregates or recycled asphalt products (RAP).

PA6060 Primary impact crusher

Designed as a primary crusher for either quarried stone or recycling concrete, the Telsmith PA6060 offers advanced features to deliver a dependable, high performance Primary Andreas-style impact crusher.

The 59-inch solid-type sculptured rotor combines high inertia for performance crushing and the durability to handle up to 40-inch feed. Oversized 220 millimeter wide series roller bearings are larger than industry standards, extending service
life beyond normal.

Adjusting the apron setting is fast, safe and easy. Fingertips do the work with handheld controls. An automated apron reset feature simplifies crusher operation for consistent performance. Hydraulic cylinders equipped with position
sensors provide dependable relief when encountering tramp metal. It automatically returns the apron to the pre-set position, allowing continuous crushing and sizing.

A hydraulic tilting feed plate provides operators an easy way to clear problem jam-ups and bridging. Handheld controls tilt the plate for fast and safe clearing.

Heavy-duty mono-block aprons provide long life and are interchangeable throughout the PA6060. Additionally, only two shapes of frame liners are used. By utilizing interchangeable wear parts, the PA6060 significantly reduces the “onsite”
wear parts inventory needs, simplifying maintenance and reducing operating costs.

The Telsmith PA6060 is versatile and can be mounted on portable plants or into fixed locations with truck dump feed arrangements. Built rugged with advanced operating features, the PA6060 is ideal for primary crushing in midsized quarries or concrete recycling.

rugged soLId type rotor

A massive solid type sculptured rotor delivers both high inertia for optimum crushing performance and solid backing
support for the blow bars. This results in longevity and lower costs, even in rugged primary crushing.

Blow bars are held firmly in place with a locking wedge design. The blow bar is designed for 3 rotations allowing up to 4
wear surfaces.

2 & 4 bar arrangements optimize performance in a variety of applications.

hydrAulic AdjusTMenT And AuToMATic reTurn

The advanced hydraulic controls on the PA6060 allow the operator to spend more time crushing and less time on maintenance.
• Once an apron “set point” is established, the apron will return to that setting automatically after relief
• Handheld controls are easy, convenient and safe to operate
• Push buttons control all functions including frame open/close, feed plate raise/lower, and upper and lower apron adjustment
• Manual and automatic modes allow various levels of control and protection

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