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Test process of gravity separation in ore beneficiation

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Test process of gravity separation in ore beneficiation

May 22, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Test process of gravity separation in ore beneficiation

In the study for the washability of gravity separation, the main task is to select and decide the process flow and the corresponding separation equipment .

Normally  the test process is  decided according to ore properties and practice that referenced to similar ore production,it should be more flexible than production process  because there are so many specific issues will be determined after test ,examination and contrast,such as selected granularity,Lost tail granularity and middlings processing method.The following are raw data needed for drawing up test process:

(1) Argillization and crushability of rock,which determines the necessity for washedore and sands sorting.

(2)Ore dilution rate

Ore dilution rate,which determines whether it is necessary for preselection by using heavy medium ore dressing, photoelectric dressing or hand dressing methods and discarding barren rock.

(3)Ore granularity  composition and metal distribution  rate in each granulometric level, which is especially important for placers,because in most washedores, useful minerals are mainly concentrated in the level of each intermediate  granularity.

(4)Ore embedded character, it determines the dressing method and the choice for process structure,including selected granularity, lost tail granularity, select sections, middlings processing methods, equipment combination and a series of basic problems.

5) In ore,properties and content of symbiotic heavy minerals and the mosaic relations with the main useful minerals,all of these decide the orientation of symbiotic heavy mineral in the gravity separation and processing method between rough concentrate and middling ore.

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