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The demolition and recycling impact crusher from Sandvik

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The demolition and recycling impact crusher from Sandvik

May 11, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

The Sandvik QI240 impact crusher has been developed over the last two years by Sandvik’s renowned research and development programme.

Purpose designed to process construction materials on site, the QI240 has been designed with mobility, productivity, transportability, minimal environmental impact and user friendliness at its core. The QI240 is tangible representation of Sandvik’s commitment to servicing the growing market for the recycling of construction materials and the production of high quality aggregates from materials previously seen as waste.

The QI240 utilises market leading Sandvik impactor technology enabling the development of a fully mobile, compact impact crusher designed to either work in a primary or secondary capacity either independently or in conjunction with other members of the Sandvik product line , in order to produce the highest quality materials. Although designed for the recycling of construction materials, the state of the art Sandvik impactor design enables the QI240 to be the perfect impact crusher for the smaller quarry. Here its compact design is perfect where space and machine manoeuvrability are at a premium, but superb product shape and high levels of production are required.

The QI240 possesses recent developments that will ensure it becomes the impact crusher of choice throughout the construction industry:

The machine is fitted with a pre- screen to ensure maximum scalping capability in order to prevent any undersize material passing through the impactor, thereby maximising throughput and reducing wear costs. This also allows a specified sized product to be produced from the natural fines conveyor .

With a choice of grizzly, punch plate or heavy duty top deck mesh, the QI240 possesses the flexibility to suit any application.

1. The QI240 is fitted with an underpan feeder which drastically reduces any spillage issues generally associated with impact crushers . The underpan feeder eliminates the need for skirt rubbers that are normally situated in the severe impact zone of a feed boot.
2. The underpan feeder also protects the main product conveyor from high velocity material from the rotor. This material is contained on the wear resistant under-pan feeder liners and gently delivered onto the conveyor belt.
3. The Sandvik Pri-Sec impactor is the most flexible impactor currently available on the market designed to meet end product specifications.
4. The hydraulically adjustable apron curtains can be positioned to facilitate the machine’s operation as a Primary impactor but can also be repositioned to operate as a Secondary impactor to produce much smaller end products.
5. The above combined with the variable engine speed gives a tip speed range of 30 m/s to 37 m/s resulting in a wide variety of product specifications being achievable.

The QI240 is the latest development in a truly exciting product line with the Sandvik range of tracked crushing, screening and scalping solutions provides customer focused solutions whatever the industry and whatever the application. The range encompasses jaw crusher , cone crusher and impact crushers; three way split screens, the worlds only range of tracked Doublescreens, triple deck screens and scalpers.

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