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The main components of jaw crusher

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The main components of jaw crusher

April 5, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Compact jaw crusher is simple, eccentric drive shaft and other smaller pieces by the force; vertical displacement of the movable jaw smaller, less materials processing phenomena of excessive fragmentation, moving jaw jaw plate wear small.

Jaw crusher of the main components

1. Jaw Crusher Rack

Opening up and down the walls of the rack is a rigid frame for supporting the eccentric shaft and the reaction of materials to withstand crushing, requires sufficient strength and stiffness, the overall cast steel for general use, small machine can also be used instead of high-quality cast iron. Sub-rack mainframe to be cast, and then link into the overall solid bolt, casting complex. Small jaw crusher homemade rack welded thick steel plate can also be used, but the rigidity is poor.

2. Jaw Crusher jaw plate and side shield
Given by E and moving jaw jaw jaw bed and the composition of the work, regardless of jaw is, fixed with bolts and wedge bed in the jaw. E of E is the set frame bed anterior wall, moving jaw jaw hanging in the week on the bed, to have sufficient strength and rigidity to withstand the crushing force at which most of cast steel or cast iron.

3. Jaw Crusher transmission parts
Crusher eccentric shaft is the main axis of the bending torque by a huge, high carbon steel. Eccentric part of the required finishing, heat treatment, bearing with babbitt liner casting. One end of the eccentric shaft mounted pulley and the other end mounted flywheel.

4. Jaw Crusher conditioning
A wedge adjustment device, such as plate type, and hydraulic, generally wedge, wedge formed by the front two, the first wedge can move easily withstand push back plate; to adjust the wedge after the wedge can be up and down Mobile, two backward inclined wedge fit, after the wedge by the screw to move up and down to adjust the size of the discharge port. Small jaw crusher discharge port after the change in regulation is the use of thrust plate bearing pads between the number and rack to achieve.

5. Jaw Crusher Flywheel
Jaw crusher flywheel to store fixed jaw when the energy of air travel, and then used in industry to form, so that the mechanical work is in line uniformly. Also plays a role in the flywheel pulley. Cast iron or cast steel wheel manufacturing often, often made of minicomputers integral flywheel. Flywheel manufacture, installation should pay attention to static equilibrium.

6. Jaw Crusher Lubrication Device
Eccentric shaft bearing lubrication cycle usually concentrated. Spindle and thrust plate support surface generally use the grease gun oil to the oil by hand. Moving jaw of the swing angle is small, so that between the mandrel and the bearing lubrication difficulties, often in the opening number at the bottom of the axial bearing oil groove in the middle to open a ring connected to the tank to make it, and then pump to force the butter into the dry lubrication.

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