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The meaning and significance of stone material crushing

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The meaning and significance of stone material crushing

April 20, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

The Meaning and Significance of Material Crushing

Material crushing is a process to make the particle size of the material become smaller and smaller, it is the combination of crushing and grinding. Mechanical equipments used in breaking process mainly are gyratory crusher , cone crusher , jaw crusher . grinding equipment mainly are the ball mill , the rod mill, cement ball mill and energy saving ball mill. Generally speaking, material crushing in the universe is a common phenomenon, from the Big Bang, the mountains falling and the earth splitting, rock weathering, to atomic splitting, none of them are not material crushing process.

The status of material crushing in the national economy

The technology of material crushing has a history of at least hundreds of thousand years. In ancient times, people invented pestle, roller, rubber, mill and many other crushing tools which are still in use sometimes in modern life. It is not until 1858 Blake invented the pendulum jaw crusher that material crushing becomes an important industrial producing process.

The status of material crushing in the national economy

In fact, people is with material crushing everywhere no matter in production or in daily life. According to reports,the total materials crushed by us in one year is 10 to the power of ten tons. Material crushing technology is widely used in metallurgy, coal, building materials, chemical, energy, transportation, ceramics, medicine, food processing,national defense construction, agriculture, forestry and many other industries and sectors.

Material crushing is a process of high energy consumption, high iron consumption and low efficiency. According to statistics,in many countries around the world, the consumption of electrical energy by crushing process takes up about 4% ~ 5% of the total power. In grinding mills, energy consumpt by crushing accounted for about 40%~70% of the entire energy consumption, with a high a rate, we can see that their status is so important.

The task of material crushing is to meet the urgent requirements of national economy in many aspects, like material quantity, size, particle size distribution, dissociation degrees, material structure, surface chemical and physical properties and others. In the 1970s, in order to satisfy the growing quantity demand for crushing products, the size of a crusher is larger and larger,nowadays,Bebon’s largest crushing equipments are 2283*2000 jaw crusher, 4600*3300 cone crusher.

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