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The progress of magnetite ore beneficiation technology,iron ore mining industry

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The progress of magnetite ore beneficiation technology,iron ore mining industry

July 11, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

The progress of magnetite ore beneficiation technology
China is rich in iron ore resources and its reserves just less than Russia, Canada, Australia and Brazil etc. In the iron ore resources, the most widely distributed in Anshan type iron, which is the most important iron ore deposits, the reserves accounting is about half of total reserves of iron ore, and large-scale general, the type of magnetite ore based, is the current domestic iron ore processing plant was selected the most important type.

More successful in recent years the representatives of the new process are:

1.       low intensity magnetic separation stage grinding

2.       anti-flotation process

3.       full magnetic sorting process

4.       super fine crushing – throwing the end of wet magnetic separation process

Significant progress in iron ore processing equipment
In recent years, raising the level of iron ore beneficiation process are a new type of mineral processing equipment and the support of foreign advanced equipment, especially in recent years in crushing, grinding and classification, the classification (including the re-election, magnetic separation, flotation, etc.).

Dehydration, filtration and other aspects of the development or introduction of many new high efficiency equipment, and has been successfully applied to mineral processing equipment to provide protection and technological progress.

Crusher equipment

For decades, metal mines in China has been saving energy, efforts to improve economic efficiency, “more crushing less grinding” is the basic principle.

Crusher is mainly manifested in the progress of the application of new development even outside the fixed jaw crusher , jaw crusher dual-chamber, dual chamber rotary crusher, jaw crusher impact of such originality, practicality broken equipment. However, technically these devices, the use of effect and abroad than the broken equipment, there is a certain gap.

Metso, Sandvik efficient foreign companies such as cone crusher , so that the final average particle size reduces fragmentation 5 ~ 8mm. China has been developed that can replace the broken bits and a coarse high-pressure roller press, Nanshan Maanshan mining is currently being carried out industrial tests and other mining companies. In addition, part of mines in the country column in the mill there are certain applications, such devices a large range of energy saving, the system can increase production 30% -50%, and the high rate of equipment operation, environmental impact

Grinding Equipment

Because there are many advantages of a ball mill is a mature equipment, grinding equipment, so research has focused on energy conservation and mill liner. Mill’s energy consumption is mainly reflected in the specifications of grinding equipment, grinding media, equipment, structure and properties, grinding equipment and the way the configuration process.

Fine grading and screening equipments

Instead of the traditional fine nylon sieve, screening may be less than 30% transfer efficiency to 50% or higher, significantly increased the efficiency of the mill again, in the impurity reduction of iron ore, while improving quality saves energy. In addition, the high frequency vibration sieve, but also can improve the grade of iron concentrate, the device mechanical performance, good screening efficiency, and longer screen life, is currently screening in the number of iron ore has been successfully Application, classification of high efficiency, cost-effective and wide application.

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