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The simple summary of stone crushing circuit

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The simple summary of stone crushing circuit

June 21, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

The simple summary of stone crushing circuit

(1) One-section crushing circuit.
A section of crushing is always used to supply autogenous tumbling mill with appropriate feedstock, and usually constitutes a system with autogenous tumbling mill. The technological process is uncomplicated, has few facilities, and the plant covers small area.

(2) Two-section crushing circuit.
The circuit is usually used in little plant.

(3) Three-section crushing circuit.
There are two basic form of the circuit: three-section open circuit and three-section closed circuit.

(4) The crushing circuit with ore washing process.
When the mud content of feedstock is over 5%~10% and the water content is over 5%~8%, it should increase ore washing process in crushing circuit.

Grinding –classification technology

(1) Ball-milling, rod-milling process to beneficiation, it can grind ore into any size economically using one-section grinding or two-section grinding. More than two sections of grinding is often determined by demand of stage separation.

Compared with two-section circuit, one-section circuit’s principal advantage is few facilities, low investment, and easy to operate, and one grinding section doesn’t influence the other, and shutdown lost less. But the grinding machine is in wide feed size, difficult to load ball reasonably, hard to get the thinner end product and the grinding efficiency is low. When the largest size in demand of the end product is between 0.2~0.15mm (namely 60%~79%-200 item), both adopted one-section crushing circuit. when the degree of grinding fineness demands in 80%-200 item, one-section crushing circuit can be used in midget plant.

Two-section grinding’s greatest strength is that it can get thinner products, and coarse and fine grinding can be in different section, especially apply to processing phase. In large and medium-sized factory, When the smallest grinding fineness is below 0.15mm (namely 80%-200 item), it is economical to adopt two-section grinding, and the composition of product size is homogeneous, and over crushing phenomenon is less. according to the different connection type between one-section mill and the classifier.

Two-section milling process has three types: the first section is open-circuit; the second section is the whole closed-circuit; the first section is local closed-circuit, and the second section is always the grinding process of closed-circuit

(2) Autogenous grinding process
Autogenous grinding process has two styles: dry grinding and wet grinding. Dressing plant almost adopt later. To solve the problem of difficult grinding particles in autogenous grinding, and to rise the efficiency of grinding, put a few steel balls into autogenous mill. now it is known as semi-autogenous grinding.

Autogenous grinding process usually works together with broken grinding equipments such as fine crushing、ball-milling、pebble mill. It can constitute lots of technological processes according to its connection.

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