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The suitable material for jaw crusher requirements

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The suitable material for jaw crusher requirements

May 8, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Selecting the breaking jaw material

Guide to choosing breaking jaws Breaking jaws made from different materials are available for different applications:

■ Manganese steel is a material whose structure becomes compressed under pressure and becomes harder with time (cold hardening).
■ Stainless steel is recommended if the expected feed material is not too hard and could cause corrosion.
■ Tungsten carbide is the most abrasion-resistant and pure material. It provides an increased working life even with materials up to 7-8 on Mohs’ scale.
■ Zirconium oxide, partially yttrium-stabilized is used as a ceramic material for metal-free preparation, e.g. for dental or clinical ceramics, optical glasses. A further advantage is that no color changes as a result of abrasion are observed (only available for BB 51).
■ Heavy-metal-free steel is optimal for the sample preparation of materials which will be submitted for analysis on heavy metals and
which are not too abrasive, such as construction waste, soil samples and road surfacing.

Apart from giving guideline information about their analytical compositions, the table below provides an overview of which breaking jaw materials are available for which jaw crusher models.

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