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The vertical mill features in cement plant

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The vertical mill features in cement plant

July 6, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

The vertical mill widely used in cement production line . Build modern cement production line. Coal, raw meal grinding with vertical grinding accounted for more than 90%, cement clinker and slag grinding with vertical grinding are growing, which in modern cement plant in. Vertical mill has become the factory process of heavy equipment , it is a series of excellent characteristic place decision, a part of the pure mechanical technology, the other is part of the process, as follows:

( 1 ) the vertical structure, small occupation area.

( 2 ) due to its compact structure, needs only a small space.

( 3 ) the mill running low noise: the main source of noise from the motor and reducer, transmission for system and sealing air fan.

( 4 ) vertical mill air with low noise and low vibration, mining by rocker separate control roll, using a mechanical stop or hydraulic control roll can reduce noise and vibration while preventing the grinding roller and the grinding disc lining board made of metal contact.

( 5 ) capable of feeding coarse material, particle size of about roller flat are diameter of 5% ~ 8%. Can save the energy consumption for crushing.

( 6 ) metal wear volume is very low, about 25% lower than the tube mill, replacing the roller tire repair time is very short, so the cost is very low.

( 7 ) through the use of hard wear resistant materials, by reducing the abrasion method and optimization measures, along with the experience of the operator to increase the grinding element time.

( 8 ) improve the dust flow physical effect, so that the shell lining service life of spiritual growth.

( 9 ) through the use of hydraulic pneumatic spring loading system with modern pop wear-resistant materials, good physical properties can rapidly change of grinding force. The powder mill work easier.

( 10 ) set of grinding, homogenizing, drying, powder selection and transfer functions.

( 11 ) in the grinding and powder selecting space coarse powder has high recycling rate, so that in the grinding powder selection process has high drying efficiency.

( 12 ) as the materials in the grinding chamber short residence time, so it has good controllability; due to a change in the process of short reaction time. So it is suitable for fully automated.

( 13 ) 4 vertical mill used to separate pairs of control, pressure control range is very big. It is in the 1 grinding chamber 1 mill on 2 x paired rollers ( fuck for Loesche mill system ).

( 14 ) the mill has the very high rate of operation, in the cement industry in the production line of a kiln with a grinding, can get the maximum benefit of investment.

( 15 ) as the grinding roller is individually paired control, when the 2 roll out the barrier when allowed to use other: 9I.” 2 roller emergency operation. Can reach about 70% full load production, then if the mill work for 24h, just in the middle of a kiln volume reduced circumstances continue to run.

( 16 ) in vertical mill used in special powder selecting machine can produce 2 or 3 kinds of particle size of powder.

( 17 ) due to avoiding adverse systemic circulation tube mill grinding. Vertical grinding unit with low energy consumption.

( 18 ) for the rolling friction accounted for a large proportion of energy consumption, the use of large diameter roller rolling resistance is very small, so the low unit energy consumption. ( 19 ) because the material layer is relatively thin granular layer to be crushed, the unit energy consumption ( kWh / T ) low.

( 20 ) in the same machine adopts the combined powder selection process. Directly break has crushed particulate mass, so the efficiency is high.

( 21 ) the optimal adjustment of air guide ring, so that the dust containing gas is evenly through the air, energy consumption minimization ( mill resistance ), at the same time the big mill output, so as to achieve the total energy consumption minimization, no drop low volume and the use of external circulating material to reduce energy consumption.

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