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Those matters need attention about energy ball mill commissioning

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Those matters need attention about energy ball mill commissioning

May 26, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

The installation of energy saving ball mill was finished and passing test, it can do operation without loading materials. The test operation of energy saving ball mill shall be responsible by skilled operator and strictly abide by safety operation specification of ball mill.

Pay more attention to the following cases:

1. The continuous running time of energy saving ball mill should not less than 12-24 hours and also timely solve the problem that was funded in operation process. If the running without loading materials is normal, just then, it may do loading running. The loading running should do in different stage. Feeding should on the basis of the discharging situation in the process of loading running, avoiding unnecessary wear down and damage.

2. Add appropriate materials and 1/3 of steel ball, then, do test operation for 12-24 hours.

3. Do test operation for 24-48 hours with 2/3 of steel ball.

According to the discharging situation of energy saving ball mill, the output of accepted products and the number of actual steel ball should refer to the similar beneficiation factory, thus, make reasonably steel ball of this ball mill sure and do test running for more than 72 hours.

As far as the increase of loading capacity and time of test running, it was can be determined according to the situation(temperature, noise, gear surface contact, etc) of the different size gear and reduction gear. The touch between gears didn’t meet design requirement, under the circumstances, it can’t do loading running test.

What’s more, it is should be ensured that cooling system, lubrication system can work normally, and the temperature of main bearing, driving bearing, reduction gear should normal in the test running of energy saving ball mill.

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