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Transmin – Rock Breakers, Bulk Handling, Processing and Storage Equipment

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Transmin – Rock Breakers, Bulk Handling, Processing and Storage Equipment

April 30, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Transmin is one of Australia’s largest designers and suppliers of rock breakers, bulk handling, processing and storage equipment for the mining and minerals processing industries. Transmin was established in 1987 and operates from a head office in Perth with branch offices in Brisbane and Melbourne.

The company’s core products include rock crusher or rock breakers, lime silos, lime slaking plants, roller mounted ball mills, silos and feeders for cement backfill, flocculant preparation systems, heavy duty hydraulic isolation gates, low level feeders, bulk ISO container tippers and filling systems, ball chargers, and general materials handling projects.

Rock breakers or rock crushers

The Transmin rockbreaking boom system is the most widely installed and trusted system in Australia. Transmin rock breakers are installed on some of the largest grizzly and gyratory crusher pockets.

The Transmin rock breaker range covers all applications from medium duty up to extra heavy duty, including booms capable of reaching up to approximately 20m whilst supporting the world’s most powerful hammers weighing around 7t.

The company’s range includes:

* MD series – up to 5.9m vertical reach x 8.4m horizontal reach, 120º king post cylinder slew base
* HD series – up to 6.5m vertical reach x 9.8m horizontal reach, 360º single hydraulic drive slew base
* XHD series – up to 8.7m vertical reach x 12.5m horizontal reach, 360º twin hydraulic drive slew base
* XXHD series – up to 10.5m vertical reach x over 17.5m horizontal reach, 360º twin hydraulic drive slew base

Control options include portable radio control for precise movement and optimum operator visibility. Transmin rock breakers are recognised as the most technically and structurally advanced available today for surface and underground applications.
Lime plants and flocculant preparation systems

Transmin specialises in the design and supply of complete systems for the intake, bulk storage, feeding and mixing of lime in its various forms. For plants using hydrated lime (calcium hydroxide – Ca(OH)2), Transmin provides dust free designs incorporating free standing silos, discharge and feeding equipment, with weighing if required, vortex pre-wetting and mixing tanks sized to suit site requirements.

For plants using quicklime (calcium oxide – CaO), Transmin provides dust free designs incorporating free standing silos, discharge and feeding equipment, with weighing if required, which feeds lime to Transmin lime slaking equipment, in open or closed circuit, prior to holding in suitably sized tanks for forward transfer. Single trains up to 20t/h slaking rate are possible depending upon lime quality.

Plants using limestone in various forms can also be provided, as can a range of solutions for the preparation of other reagents such as polymer flocculant and guar.

Transmin’s Polymix systems are available as standard designs suitable for small duties using 25kg bags or 1t bulk bags of polymer through to large custom designs incorporating storage silos, high capacity wetting heads, rapid fill facilities and large tanks up to approximately 80m3 of agitated storage.

Low level feeders and bulk ISO container tippers

To meet the current trends in delivering bulk materials in 20ft sea containers or truck tippers, Transmin has developed low level feeder and container tipping units. The Transmin low level feeder (LLF) is designed to receive, store and feed bulk materials from rear tipping trucks, side tipping trucks or front end loaders.

It offers the great advantage of being mounted at ground level without the need for extensive civil works and can be mounted on skids. The receiver end of the unit can be designed to accept multiple loads and store substantial quantities up to 75t or more.

The standard end tipping units can be adapted for use as container filling stations by mounting the container on the frame so the doors are at the top end. In filling applications an automatic door closing mechanism is fitted so the doors can be safely closed and locked using the standard locking bars.

Ball chargers

All mines and minerals processing facilities which use grinding mills require replenishment of steel balls on a regular basis. Transmin has solutions available for the storage and automatic handling of various sized steel balls which can deliver accurate quantities of balls thereby reducing wastage.

These systems are comprised of automatic ball storage and kibble feeders coupled with pocket belt elevators if required.
Agency lines

In addition to its own extensive range of equipment, Transmin represents a number of major international companies:

* MMD Mineral Sizers
* Sandvik Rammer Rock Breaking Hammers
* Sandvik Rammer Cutter Crushers
* Pneuvibe Compactor Plates
* Finmac Remote Control Demolition Machines
* Claudius Peters Technologies
* Rotaval Rotary Valves

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